A minimoy loves food and sharing food
A minimoy loves food and sharing food

Enjoy 2/3 sweetness


中環開了新2/3 Dolci以後,一直都去試試。今次友人相約短聚,三個女人一個墟,就來這裡試試。點了三款蛋糕, 83% Cupola, Frutti di Bosco 和Nocciola。

83% Cupola

83% Cupola,又名83% Chocolate Dome ,內含朱古力及榛子慕絲,餅底香脆,表層的黑朱古力,入口即溶。味道不是十分濃郁的,但滿口的朱古力的香氣,會令你忍不住多食幾口。

83% Cupola, also named 83% Chocolate Dome, is a cake with chocolate and hazelnut mousse covered by dark chocolate. The crispy cake base matches the mousse perfectly. It melts your mouth and makes you want to have another bite.

Frutti Di Bosco

Frutti Di Bosco,又名Very Berry Chiffon Cake, 粉紅色的造型吸引你的目光,而表面鋪滿了新鮮的莓類,單看造型,已感受到它的清新。蛋糕只是微甜,食光一整個也沒有問題。絕對沒有不多吃一口的理由~ 🙂

Frutti Di Bosco, also named Very Berry Chiffon Cake, attracts me with its pink fancy outlook. The berries on the top look so fresh. The sweetness was so light that you can easily have another cake after this. 🙂


Nocciola,又名Triple Hazelnut Crunchy Cake,第一眼被蛋糕上的mini macaroon吸引,可愛得很。切下去,那份鬆軟讓我更加期待,吃起來很幼滑。榛子的味道充滿整個口腔,榛子醬香濃得很。

Nocciola, which also called Triple Hazelnut Crunchy Cake, has an outstanding decoration on top — The mini macaroon. The softness of the cake surprises me when I cut it. The hazelnut mousse and paste surround you and let you enjoy the taste for quite a while.
Will definitely return.

2/3 Dolci:
Address: Shop 1, 1/F, Manning House, Central
Tel: 2156 1680
Opening Hours: Mondays to Sundays 11.30am-8.30pm

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