Liberty Private Works – Pre-birthday Surprise

。Liberty Private Works – 一道藝術驚喜晚餐。IMG_0793這年生日特別的事很多,驚喜也甚多,很感激身邊的人。 這天有機會來到Liberty Private Works體驗,嘗試另類的私房菜。餐廳不訂walk-in,必須預訂,甫坐下,侍者已細心遞上餐牌,還請食客先看清楚餐牌上有沒有會過敏的食材,如有,也會特地跟廚師交代,盡量配合食客的需要。


Appreciated the surprises for my birthday  from all friends and family this year.  It’s really a big surprise that I got a chance to visit Liberty Private Works for an unusual dinner. The restaurant only takes for reservation, sorry for those who want to walk-in. Servers and chefs were so attentive and willing to communicate with the guests for the requests.

After reading the menu, I was well prepared to enjoy the dinner with the similar duration of a traditional French cuisine.  Honestly, watching the chef preparing the courses in an open kitchen is kind of art performance. 😉


The chef brought along the appetizer once we read the menu. Mussels and mashed potato matched really well with the crispy bread stick.

Oyster, Cherry, Young Ginger, Yogurt
Oyster, Cherry, Young Ginger, Yogurt


1st course. An art display. Oyster was so creamy with the yogurt sauce.

Tuna, Sea Urchin, Espelette, Rice
Tuna, Sea Urchin, Espelette, Rice


2nd course. Guess where you start to enjoy this course. Listen carefully to the chef and enjoy it in details. Enjoy the smoothness, crispiness and richness.

Blue Lobster, Snail, Fennel, Bone Marrow
Blue Lobster, Snail, Fennel, Bone Marrow


3rd course. The picture showed the course without the lobster soup. It looked more special without the soup and expressed its elegance.

John Dory, White Asparagus, Hollandaise
John Dory, White Asparagus, Hollandaise

第四道菜,魚上的煙肉,有畫龍點睛之作用。特製的Hollandaise 味道微辣,反而更特別。白露筍鮮嫩非常,味道配搭十分出色。

4th course. The beacon above John Dory was a delight of the dish. The tailor-made hollandaise carried slight spiciness and created a refreshing taste.

Egg, Truffle, Parmesan, Caviar
Egg, Truffle, Parmesan, Caviar


5th course. It’s a ravioli filled with parmesan cheese and egg. I can only explain it, “Rich and smooth”.

Duck, Lychee, Cucumber, Chanterelle
Duck, Lychee, Cucumber, Chanterelle


6th course. The chef began to show his talent of drawing. The cucumber, flower and lychee placed like an artwork on the plate together with the duck.

Veal, Langoustine, Winter Truffle, Burlotti Bean
Veal, Langoustine, Winter Truffle, Burlotti Bean


7th course. Another artwork. It tasted richer than the previous course due to the smell of the truffle and the sweetness of the veal.

Corn, Coconut, Mango,  Kaffir Lime
Corn, Coconut, Mango, Kaffir Lime


8th course. We now began the journey of the desserts. The sushi at the top left corner was made by mango and sticky rice. Coconut ice cream with the crispy lime was a new experience of tasting a dessert.

Canadian Maple, Orange,  Pill Nut, Bacon
Canadian Maple, Orange, Pill Nut, Bacon

第九道菜,也是雪糕甜品,但這道更出色,配上pill nut和maple的香脆,要食光光完全沒有難度。

9th course. Pill nut and Canadian maple created  a crispy texture to match with the softness of the vanilla ice cream.


Warm Madeleine as a simple ending of the dinner. The night was another type of dining experience which you can understand more of the creativity and attention of the chef and his crew. Will definitely return.


Liberty Private Works
Address: 26/F, 11 Stanley Street, Central, Hong Kong.

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