GABA Concept – No Sugar Concern

。GABA Concept – 低糖健康主義。



My friend invited me to visit this restaurant which serves low GI sugar cuisine. A restaurant that cares about your sugar intake. Decorated with white wall and long wooden tables each with a plant, this restaurant located in Causeway Bay creates a cozy and natural environment.


Honestly, my target was mostly about low GI desserts. My friend and I ordered a dinner set with bread, appetizer, main course and dessert.

Fresh Ginger Latte
Fresh Ginger Latte

開始用餐前,打破正常次序,先點了一杯fresh ginger latte,欣賞一下咖啡師傅的功力。咖啡豆是在香港烘焙的,咖啡味不是很濃,反而回甘不錯,薑味很突出。

Sour dough, ham, cheese dried apple.
Sour dough, ham, cheese dried apple.
Pumpkin Salad
Pumpkin Salad

兩款前菜都屬輕型,而帶少許酸甜醒胃的感覺。個人比較喜歡風乾蘋果及菠蘿的清爽,和焗至脆口的sour dough一起食,感覺很特別。而南瓜沙律的醬汁意外地清新,只是微酸的醋汁,跟平常食到的強勁醋味逕然不同。

Both appetizers gave us a refreshing taste by bringing us a bit of acidity. I personally like the dried apple and pineapple which created an interesting texture with the crispy sour dough. The pumpkin salad was so light and quite different from the normal vinegar sauce.

Salmon, seaseed, whole-grain rice
Salmon, seaweed, whole-grain rice


We ordered the same main course as Salmon, Seaweed with whole-grain rice. Salmon was a bit over-cooked and dried but still tasted good with the fish oil. The rice would taste better with more sauce.


甜品,是夜的主菜也。:)  分別點了Wild 和Puffle,Wild是鮮製果醬朱古力撻配雪糕,雪糕是廚師用雪糕機自製的,絕無使用砂糖,而朱古力撻的朱古力部分味道濃郁,連同雪芳蛋糕和餅底,讓你感受到不同的口感。 而Puffle就是puff 和waffle的意思,窩夫輕型鬆脆,而泡芙也是十分香軟。插在頂部的風乾橙片是廚師以風乾機自製的,朋友食過仍覺得十分鮮味,念念不忘。


Here you come the desserts, which was somehow the main course to me. 🙂  We ordered Wild and Puffle. Wild is a chocolate tart served with fresh fruit jam and ice cream. Ice cream was freshly made in house by the chef. Puffle was the combination of puff and waffle. The waffles were so soft and light, so as the puff. The dried orange was also made in house by the chef.  It was highly recommended by my friend and I heard from the chef that they use different ingredient depend on what they can on the day.

Sincerely hope that the owner of the restaurant will bring more healthy food and choices to the guests, and create a cozy place in the busy hop of Hong Kong.



GABA Concept
Address: Rm 462, 1/F, Diamond Mansion, 462-468 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay
Opening Hours: Tuesdays to Sundays 12.00-22.00

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