Francesco by Franck Muller – Italian & Japanese Fusion Cuisine

。Francesco by Franck Muller – 意日結合的菜單,名錶品牌的創意?。



Franck Muller,一個classy又富創意的名錶品牌,在銅鑼灣開設新店之餘,亦同時開設了兩家餐廳,分別是意日混合的Francesco by Franck Muller和中餐的Eighteen Sharp。今天和意同道合的朋友來到,先試一下Francesco。一走進店內,色彩繽紛的座椅相當吸引,非常討喜。侍者安排了我們坐在吧檯的位置,面對著廚房,不忘欣賞廚師煮食。 看著餐牌,原本打算點一個前菜和兩個主食,但最希望試到的八爪魚沙律已售罄,所以在店長的推介下,點了兩個主食。

Franck Muller, a classy and creative high-end watches brand, set up its flagship store in Causeway Bay together with 2 restaurants. Francesco by Franck Muller serves fusion cuisine mixed by Italian and Japanese food. Eighteen Sharp focuses on creative modern Chinese cuisine. Once you walk into Francesco, you will be immediately attracted by the colorful seating. Server arranged the seat for us at the bar, where we can face the kitchen and see the chefs cook. Going through the menu, we wanted to order the Octopus salad but it was sold out. So we changed our plan and ordered 2 main courses according to the recommendation from the manager.


Linguini topped with Scallop. The outlook of this dish is so attractive. Tomato sauce and mushroom was cooked perfectly with the linguini. Would recommend this one.

Linguini topped with Scallop
Linguini topped with Scallop


For friends who like beef, you can’t miss the stewed Wagyu beef cheek with Inaniwa Udon. The beef cheek was so soft that it would melt in your mouth. The sauce was well managed and precisely matched with the beef cheek and so as the Udon. It is definitely a highlight of our dinner.

Stewed Wagyu Beef Cheek with Inaniwa Udon
Stewed Wagyu Beef Cheek with Inaniwa Udon
Stewed Wagyu Beef Cheek
Stewed Wagyu Beef Cheek


It’s worth to visit again. The price may be slightly high for those who have a budget. However this place is perfectly for some special occasions.


Francesco by Franck Muller
Address: 2/F, 15-21 Sharp Street East, Causeway Bay
Opening Hours: Mondays to Sundays 12.00-00.00

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