A minimoy loves food and sharing food
A minimoy loves food and sharing food

Fine Foods – White Peach Fiesta

。帝苑餅店- 期間限定白桃熱。


It is the season of Japanese White Peaches. So glad that I had a chance to enjoy a white peach from Japan, which is known as the best among all peaches. Fine Foods of the Royal Garden always establishes some seasonal cakes/pastries, and they bring back the white peaches again this year.

Yamanashi Agata White Peach
Yamanashi Agata White Peach


White Peach Jelly with Yamanashi Agata white peach is the best item of the selection. The slices of the peach on top of the cake were so sweet. Panna Cotta in the middle of the jelly is tasted just perfectly sweet without taking the sweetness of the peach. Would love to try this again!



White peach swiss rool is also one of the items of the selection. The sweetness of the peach and the light-weighted texture of the roll work perfectly.

Exotic Delight
Exotic Delight

除了日本水果系列以外,亦點了一個充滿夏日色彩的Exotic Delight,內層有熱情果、芒果及朱古力蛋糕。第一口食下去,熱情果的那陣酸勁,十分醒神,而沒有蓋過芒果的甜。

Apart from the Japanese Seasonal Fruit collection, we also ordered Exotic Delight with full summer characteristic. It contains passion fruit filling, mange filling and chocolate sponge cake. The passion fruit filling tasted so sour at the first bite but also refreshing.



The lovely peaches draw everyone’s  attention to the Japanese Seasonal Fruit collection. With beloved friends’ company, we tried a traditional cake , which is a combination of coffee mousse and chocolate brownie. The two different textures bring your dining experience to another level.  Try to get a table at Fine Foods at weekends to enjoy a piece of cake/dessert with a nice cup of coffee. That’s what we call “a relaxing weekend”.

Fine Foods
Address: Lobby, G/F, The Royal Garden, 69 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Opening Hours: Mondays to Sundays 11.00- 21.00

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