A minimoy loves food and sharing food
A minimoy loves food and sharing food

Features: Rakuten – Wagyu & Red Snow Crab

。題外話:網購食材篇 – 和牛與紅雪蟹。

海鷗來襲,多了點時間留在家裡,冷不防又成了網購的最好機會。 早些天,得到邀請,到明廚教室參加樂天國際市場:和牛試食會。樂天網購有多款不同產品,衣食住行皆有,而且付款方便,使用指定信用卡更有特定優惠,絕對是網購日本產品的好選擇。

Typhoon is approaching. Get plenty of time to stay home and browse on internet. It’s a good opportunity to do some online shopping. Few days ago, I was invited to participate the Wagyu tasting event of Rakuten Global Market at My Studio Kitchen. Rakuten Global Market sells lots of products, from living to eating, with simple payment method. You may even get some discount by paying with specific credit card. Definitely a good option to shop for Japan products.





The demonstration was in charge by KC, Head of My Studio Kitchen. Wagyu shipped by air-freight looked delicious. KC firstly pan-fried the garlic, then the wagyu. The oil of the beef melted and it was great to use that oil to pan-fry the mushroom and cucumber. A simple combination with a bowl of rice made you a tasty dinner.



樂天網購由星期二(16/9, 9am)起,至18/9(10.59pm)有免國際運費活動,只要訂單滿9,999日元即可減免運費。一盒和牛由15,000日元至18,000日元,絕對已讓你輕易享有優惠。詳見:http://global.rakuten.com/com/global/zh-tw/event/food/gourmet/product/beef.html

Rakuten Global will have promotion on free freight charge from 16 Sept Tuesday 9am to 18 Sept Thursday 10.59pm for all orders up to 9,999 Yen. A box of Wagyu costs 15,000-18,000Yen, which makes it much easier to enjoy the free freight offer. For more details, please see http://global.rakuten.com/zh-tw/event/food/gourmet/?l-id=rgm_4852-tw-main-banner-gourmet 



Besides the Wagyu, Red Snow Crab is also a nice option. Simply pull the can open. You can taste its freshness with udon or enjoying it directly. So sweet. 🙂




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