A minimoy loves food and sharing food
A minimoy loves food and sharing food

Lam’s Imperial Cuisine – Chiuchow cuisine that you can’t miss

。林家御廚- 不可多得的精緻潮州菜。


Haven’t been to Happy Valley for more than a year. Introduced by a friend, the chefs of Lam’s Imperial Cuisine are good at fine Chiuchow cuisine. So glad to have a chance to try this with a group of food lovers at fancook.



Lemon duck soup, my first try.  Lemon fragrance was so light and refreshing, and salty lemon flavor was quite prominent. Not the slightest bit greasy soup,  it was very fresh and most suitable for hot weather these days. And I believe that the chef has also given a lot of effort.



Shredded seasonal fish is a must on Chiuchow cuisine. A threadfin was introduced by the chef. With simple cooking method, the oil of the fish, the sweetness and texture was unforgettable. It tasted even more delicious with the Puning miso.





Brine platter, we set no stranger, but this platter of foie gras is really rare. Platter had all six part of goose together , the sliced goose chest, goose wing, foie gras, goose kidney, goose wing tip, goose wing spleen, and another tofu. The one I recommended would definitely be foie gras due to its sweet and fragrant, creamy texture. The goose wings would come next.



A deep-fried tofu and shrimp roll were full of surprise. Coupled with leek juice and grapefruit honey, they tasted the most delicious of the night. Tofu was crispy outside and soft inside. Gum on the side looked very unique, with sweet pearl grapes, which made every bit of the dish so attractive.




It was my first time to try the traditional sugarcane smoked duck.  You can taste the smoky flaovr the best if you pick the wings to eat.



After the wonderful smoked duck, chef  brought us another seafood course cooked in a simple way. Easy to say,  it showed even better  the chef’s skill. Steamed crab cooked with a traditional recipe. The serving already showed its beauty. Attractive styling, bright red, and full of crab paste. I could taste a bit of pepper, but the sweetness of crab meat really broke out. This is indeed one of the wonderful dishes of the dinner.




After eating  pan-fried lettuce with barbeque sauce, the pineapple and foie gras rice was brought to our table. Fresh pineapple with natural acidity cannot be compared with the canned pineapple. Full of  foie gras at the pan-fried rice but you can barely taste a little greasy.


最後怎少得甜品呢? 有別於出名的芋泥芝士餅,師傅準備了杏汁燕窩石榴果。不用多說,燕窩和杏汁的組合十分滋陰,燕窩份量十足,見下圖便絕對感受到那滿足感,十分適合女士的一份甜品,也為晚飯畫上了完美的句號。

Finally, how about the dessert? Unlike the famous taro cheese cake, chef prepared a bird nest and pomegranate with apricot juice. Needless to say, the combination of bird’s nest and apricot juice is very good for ladies. I couldn’t resist it at all. It also made a perfect ending of the dinner.



Lam’s Imperial Cuisine 林家御廚
Address: Room D, M/F, Bonny View House, 63-65 Wong Nai Chung Road, Happy Valley
Opening Hours: Mondays to Sunday 12.00-00.00
(Suggest booking in advance, Tel: 2493-1133)

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