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Seldom cook since I left the university, but the activity from My Studio Kitchen and Maxim’s Chinese brought me back to the cooking life. Luckily received a box of mentai, one of my favorite food, which is so easy to manage, and therefore , I want to share this easy recipe with you.


最簡單做法: The Simplest way

方便麵/拉麵   1包
明太子醬         2湯匙
芝麻油             1茶匙

Ingredient (for 1 pax):
Instant noodle/ramen    1 pack
Mentai                               2 table spoon
Sesame oil                         1 teaspoon

4. 加入芝麻油拌勻。(如不喜歡,可省去。)

1. Boil the water and cook the noodles for round 3 mins or until al dente.
2. Drain the noodle but keep 1 table spoon of water to reserve the moisture.
3. Add mentai to the noodle and mix it well. (If you want a bit more spiciness, add more mentai)
4. Add sesame oil and mix again. (Don’t like sesame oil? skip this steps.)

10 mins and you can a quick and delicious noodles.


多一點點的做法:Something more

意粉            1/4包
卡邦尼醬  (芝士、2隻蛋,忌廉,少許煙肉)
明太子       3湯匙
煙三文魚   2片

Ingredient (1 pax):
Pasta                         1/4 pack
Carbonara  sauce (Cheese, 2 eggs, perhaps 2 egg yolks, cream, a bit bacon)
Mentai                      3 table spoob
Smoked salmon      2 slices

1. 先將意粉煮好,約需時10分鐘,請隨個人喜好決定軟硬度。
2. 煮好後倒起意粉隔水,留約一碗水煮卡邦尼醬。
3. 卡邦尼醬:先以煙肉起鑊,不用下油,然後另用一個碗下忌廉、2隻蛋(如再加2隻蛋黃更佳),再加入一起煮,煮滾後轉中火讓醬汁更濃郁。
4. 醬汁煮好後,把意粉倒進去,慢火煮收乾醬汁。
5. 煮好後先上碟,把明太子醬加入拌勻。
6. 加入2片三文魚,更加美味。


1. Cook the pasta for around 10 mins or until al dente.
2. Drain the pasta and keep the pasta water for the carbonara sauce.
3. Carbonara sauce: heat the bacon. don’t put oil to the pan. Use a bowl to mix some cream, 2 eggs (perhaps 2 more egg yolks). Then add to the pan to cook in low heat.
4. Once the sauce is done, add the pasta to the sauce and mix them well with slow heat.
5. Leave the heat and add mentai to the pasta. Stir and mix them.
6. Add the salmon to add more texture.

This recipe only takes you 25 mins (max) to cook.

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