A minimoy loves food and sharing food
A minimoy loves food and sharing food

BEP Vietnamese Kitchen – Modern & Young

。BEP – 走年輕路線的越南菜。

中環最近多了兩家BEP 分店,初時只是知道是越南菜館,這天來光顧時,才發現是「芽莊」的年輕版!連裝修也完全轉了路線,碟子變得七彩繽紛,花款十足。

There are 2 BEP Vietnamese Kitchen opened in Central recently. It’s a modern version of Nha Thang! The interior design changes and so as the plates and name cards. All the plates are in a colourful collection.



Set lunch are provided during lunch hours, but of cos, you can select from the a la carte menu. We ordered 2 set lunch today with appetiser and Tai beef pho noodle soup.

Mixed green salad with crispy pork belly
Mixed green salad with crispy pork belly


For appetiser, the mixed green salad with crispy pork belly . The pork belly was grilled to contain a smoky favour. The cover was so crispy that you can hear the crunchy sound when you enjoy it.

Shrimp triangle crispy wanton
Shrimp triangle crispy wanton


Shrimp triangle crispy wanton was deep-fried to deep brown colour. I at first thought it may be overcooked but then it was just prefect with a salty favour and sweet shrimp inside. So fresh but so savoy!

Tai beef pho
Tai beef pho

To have Vietnamese cuisine, how can you miss a pho noodle soup? I selected the tai beef pho noodle soup. Tai means raw in Vietnamese. The beef was freshly red when it was served. The soup smelled so nice when the server brought it to the table. Soup was so fresh and sweet, with the noodle to absorb the soup and the essence of the beef. You really can’t miss this!

Set lunch costs less than $100 in Central. It would definitely attract lots of diners!


BEP Vietnamese Kitchen
Address: 9-11 Staunton Street, Central

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