A minimoy loves food and sharing food
A minimoy loves food and sharing food

Isono Eatery & Bar- Spanish Mediterranean Kitchen

。Isono – 欣賞地中海西班牙菜,也欣賞裝潢風格。


Stepping into Isono is just like entering a different world. The interior design brings you to a renewed and industrial style area. All the furniture including the desks and chairs, so as the pipes, are full of industrial characteristics.


晚餐前先來兩杯雞尾酒,和好友聊聊天。點了由蘋果白蘭地酒、檸檬和青檸皮混合成的The Conquest, 白蘭地味不太強烈,而檸檬剛好平衡了甜味,很不錯。

We began the dinner with glasses of cocktail and a nice conversation. The Conquest, which is made by Calvados, Lemon juice and Lime bitters, was so refreshing. The lemon juice balanced the sweetness of the Calvados.

The Fix (left) & The Conquest (right)
The Fix (left) & The Conquest (right)

好友點了The Fix, 在毡酒內加入了迷迭香、接骨木花和青檸,是很特別的味道。接骨木花的味道很突出,跟平常飲到的雞尾酒甚不同。

The Fix is a mix of Gin, Rosemary syrup, elderflower syrup and lime bitters. A very special mix. The favour of elderflower is so outstanding which makes it so different from those regular cocktail.

Isono's Pata Negra Platter
Isono’s Pata Negra Platter

飲酒又怎少得風乾火腿配搭?Isono’s Pata Negra 火腿拼盆,有3款不同的風乾火腿和香腸。侍者上菜時會細心的介紹進食的次序,當然是由淡至濃味,這裡就不多說了。

Ham is always a good partner with alcohol drinks. Isono’s Pata Negra platter contains 60-months Iberico ham, lomito and salami. The server explained to us in details which one we should start with. Of course, from the lightness to the richness. I guess I don’t have to explain further.

Fried organic egg w/ sliced Iberico Chorizo & Spicy Tomato Sauce
Fried organic egg w/ sliced Iberico Chorizo & Spicy Tomato Sauce


Fried Organic Egg with Sliced Iberico Chorizo and spicy tomato sauce was a sensational dish of the night. The hardness of the chorizo contrasted the softness of the punched egg. The sweetness of the egg yalk somehow balanced the spicy tomato sauce and the chorizo.

Classic Seafood Paella
Classic Seafood Paella


If I have to choose one dish to represent Spanish cuisine, that definitely has to be Paella. We ordered a regular version of classic seafood paella with clams, shrimp, mussels and cuttlefish. The rice was cooked to prefect but not dry. Highly recommend.

Linguine with clams, garlic and Bottarga
Linguine with clams, garlic and Bottarga


Linguine with clams, garlic and bottarga. Definitely one of my favourite. The linguine was a bit hard but not so dry. The clams had the taste of sea.



It will be a very nice place to go for dinner and have a drink during weekdays.



Isono Eatery & Bar
Address: 6/F, Block B, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central
Opening hours: Mondays – Sundays 12pm – 12am

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