Grano Italiano Pizza Tailor – Create Your Own Pizza!

。Grano Italiano Pizza Tailor – 創出你的個人口味。

這夜來到iSquare的Grano Italiano Pizza Tailor, 裝潢簡潔舒適,讓人不禁輕鬆下來。 餐廳從意大利直接入口材料,務求以優質食材向港人推介新餐飲概念 – 健康快餐。餐廳不但使用意大利入口的有機麵粉,更引入阿爾卑斯山的泉水,來製造薄餅粉團。而且更有30多種不同材料讓人選擇,製作屬於你的個人口味的薄餅,不禁讓人期待。

Grano Italiano is a restaurant combined the concept of fast food but with good quality of ingredients imported from Italy, such as Italian flour and the cleanest water directly imported from Italian Dolomiti Alps. The restaurant also brings the idea of “Create Your Own Pizza!” to Hong Kong. You can select from more than 30 ingredients at the chef’s counter to make your own pizza. Of cos, the dough and decoration are handled by the chef but you get a chance to make your own choices. How exciting  is it?



more than 30 different types of ingredients
more than 30 different types of ingredients

IMG_0707a IMG_0709a

想必你已經很想知道我選了什麼材料? 今晚有幸由餐廳其中一位總監Carlo為我主理,他先安排好粉團,再介紹一些材料給我。 我選了普通的茄醬,配上Mozzarella 芝士作底。然後再選上一些我喜愛的材料 – 辣肉腸、黑橄欖、乾蕃茄。Carlo更建議我來選一種新鮮蔬菜材料,以平衡其他材料的鹹味。最後,我選上了新鮮蕃茄,和熏Provola芝士作結,絕對是鹹香的組合。

I’m sure you are curious of my choices of ingredients, aren’t you? Carlo, the chef and the director of Grano Italiano, was the one in charge of the pizza counter this day. He set up the pizza dough and began to introduce some ingredients to me. I chose regular tomato sauce and some mozzarella cheese as the base. Then, my favorite ingredients – Spicy salami, black olive and dried tomatoes. Carlo also recommended adding a fresh vegetable to balance the saltiness of other ingredient, so I picked fresh tomatoes. At last, adding smoked Provola Cheese to make the taste much richer.





My partner chose all vegetarian choices of ingredients, with Zucchini, Black Olive,  Mozzarella, Blue Cheese and Artichokes. It tasted quite light comparing to my picks. 🙂


而這夜真的有個驚喜,便是店內的Tiramisu甜品。香濃而不過濃,剛剛好的咖啡和芝士味,美味中嘗到平衡。 我想我真的喜歡上了。

A surprise of the night is the Tiramisu they served in the restaurant. Rich but not over. Delicious with the right balance of taste. I think I fall in love with it!



So delighted and happy to enjoy the dinner here and got a chance to know the story behind the brand. HongKongers, the concept of pizza is changing, but are you ready for this change?


Grano Italiano Pizza Tailor
Address: Store 705, 7/F, iSquare, 63 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

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