A minimoy loves food and sharing food
A minimoy loves food and sharing food

G7 Private Dining – Decent and quiet dining

G7 位處中環己連拿利,很接近我的辦公室。而這裡亦一直在我的餐廳心水名單上,這天很高興得到同事的精心安排,來到這裡午餐。

G7 is located near my office in Central. It is on my wish list for so long and finally I was invited by a friend to go there for lunch.



Server was so nice to serve us with freshly baked bread. Then the chef came to our table to introduce the menu with a selection of starter and the main course.


廚師讓我們選了菜式後,侍者便先送上3小前菜。Mozzarella 芝士配蕃茄,這個總是匹配,百食不厭的組合。青瓜豆沙律,清甜可口。而最後的火腿和和蜜瓜、南瓜也很相配。由前至後食,每一道菜的味道層層遞進,相當不錯。

Before the salad, three starters were served with mozzarella cheese & tomato, cucumber & bean salad, and ham. Starting from the mozzarella cheese & tomato, they are always the perfect match. Cucumber and bean salad was so refreshing and you can easily taste the sweetness of the beans.



The tomato salad contains several types of tomatoes and rocket leaves. A light and refreshing starter before the main course.

Tomato Salad
Tomato Salad

在3款主菜中,我選了香煎鱸魚配薯蓉,以椰菜墊底。鱸魚的外皮煎得很香脆,而肉身又剛剛好,有點喜出望外。椰菜有先炒過,味道有點中式口味,特別。 再配上薯蓉,3層各有味道。我想,今次應該是我最快完成一道主菜。

Choosing from the 3 different choices of the main course, I have picked pan-fried sea bass with mashed potato and cabbage. It was so surprising that the skin of the sea bass was so crispy and the fish was cooked to perfection. I have to say, perhaps I cleared the dish at record fast.

pan-fried sea bass with mashed potato and cabbage
pan-fried sea bass with mashed potato and cabbage


The manager was nice to help us speed up the dessert since we only had limited lunch hour. Raspberry yogurt ice cream had a beautiful presentation that made you hesitate to start eating it. The ice cream was made with Greek yogurt and the taste was so rich with it as well. Pairing with the special Apple drink, it gave us a perfect ending for the lunch.

Raspberry yogurt ice--cream
Raspberry yogurt ice–cream




G7 Private Dining
Address: 7 Glenealy, Central
Opening hours: Mondays to Saturdays 11.30-14.30, 18.00-01.00

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