A minimoy loves food and sharing food
A minimoy loves food and sharing food

OVO Café – Green in the City

。OVO Café- 鬧市中的一點綠。

座落於重建後的灣仔街市的OVO Café,開業多時,這天終於找到機會過來一試,感覺一下go green氣息。餐廳入口是OVO Garden ,看到一片綠草如茵,心情頓時輕鬆不少。而剛巧也有萬聖節裝飾的植物,非常有趣。餐廳裡裝潢以簡約木設計為主,走輕鬆自然路線,讓人在鬧市中找到一片寧靜。

Located at the renewed Wanchai Market, OVO Café is a hidden green place in this city. Finally got a chance to visit and experience the “go green” concept. The entrance of the Café is actually  OVO Garden, with a wide green area, and makes you feel much relaxed already. Since Halloween is coming, there are a few plants with the cute pumpkin decoration. The decor is mainly in a cozy wooden style to a natural style to let the customers relax and slow down a bit from the busy life.


自助落餐形式,餐牌上也註明了 G/O/M/E (蒜/蔥/奶/蛋) 方便客人選擇。到櫃檯點菜後,侍者很快便送上餐點,先來了一個南瓜湯,簡簡單單,也甚開胃。伴碟的法包很脆,很讚,也非常喜歡用到的公雞碗。

All the items on the menu are marked with “G/O/M/E (Garlic/Onion/Milk/Egg)”to let the customers choose upon to their needs. The server brought us the pumpkin soup quickly after we placed the order. So simple and refreshing. The french bread on the side was very crispy.

Pumpkin Soup


Cream Risotto with Portobello was the best among all the courses we ordered. The juicy Portobello was pan-fried to perfection, but the risotto would be better if it was a bit harder. The tomatoes on the side was so shiny and red. The pink sea salt on the side is definitely something you didn’t imagine. It brought out the sweetness and the freshness of the portobello.

Cream Risotto with Portobello
Cream Risotto with Portobello


Another main course, penne with vegetable skewer in tomato cream looked delicate with the skewed zucchini, eggplants and cucumber. Juicy inside and fresh.

Penne with Vegetable Skewer in Tomato Cream
Penne with Vegetable Skewer in Tomato Cream


OVO Café uses organic beans for the blends of coffee. The Barista in the Café is also very talented. You can see from the Latte below, which brings you the happiness. 🙂  The acidity of the coffee is also very outstanding!



Actually we have ordered the OVO Garlic Bread. The presentation was so beautiful and it smelled so good that I began without taking a photo. The garlic bread was served with a roasted garlic that you can take out the garlic and rub on the bread directly. Really worth for a try. Will definitely return to OVO Café as it’s the perfect place to take a break in this busy city.


OVO Café:
Address: G/F, 1 Wanchai Road, Wanchai. Hong Kong.
Opening Hours: Mondays to Fridays 11.30-22.00, Saturdays and Sundays 10.00-22.00

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