A minimoy loves food and sharing food
A minimoy loves food and sharing food

Table – 1st Try of Ingredient-based Cuisine

。Table – 初嚐淨化海鮮。

在網上看到柏廷坊的Table – 淨化海鮮有生蠔之夜,這夜便來了一試。第一次品嚐淨化海鮮,原來歐洲已運用這技術一段時間,由外國運來的海鮮會先存放於自家工場,用約七十二小時淨化,讓海鮮排出體肉廢物,回復新鮮。餐廳的菜式是以食材為基調,沒有特定食材的來源地,而這夜,我便食到了來自南北半球的新鮮生蠔。

Heard about the Oyster Night at Table – Ingredient-based Cuisine located at the Pemberton and ready to give it a try. It was my first try of  depurated seafood. The technology was well developed in Europe for quite a long while. Seafood would be placed in the purification tanks for around 72 hours before the seafood is delivered to the restaurants. It reminds the freshness and cleanliness of the seafood. And therefore,  the restaurant doesn’t serve seafood from one specific location but would be based on the freshness of the ingredients.

Oysters - Australia (left) & Ireland (right)
Oysters – New Zealand (left) & Ireland (right)

南半球生蠔季節已過了一半, 蠔身仍然肥美,但鮮甜味已開始減弱。相反北半球的生蠔開始成熟,雖然蠔身較瘦,但清甜的味道新鮮得可與南半球的蠔比擬。如果喜歡肥美濃厚的生蠔,便要快快趕來吃了。

Was so lucky to catch the oyster season of South Hemisphere.The oysters from New Zealand were so plump and juicy. The sweetness was not as great as the oysters from Ireland, thought they were relatively lean.

Pan-fried Razor Fish
Pan-fried Razor Fish


Pan-fried Razor Fish with tomato sauce. Chef explained that she only used the simplest way to handle the razor fish. To avoid being overcooked and remind the juiciness, just heat the pan and pan-fry it for  very short time. The tomato sauce and pine nuts brought out the sweetness of the razor fish.

Scampi a la Plancha, squid ink aioli
Scampi a la Plancha, squid ink aioli


Scampi a la Plancha with squid ink aioli. By using the same method to cook the razor fish, the scampi was cooked into perfected since the juicy was all reminded. With the squid ink aioli, it’s quite an inspiring combination.

Uni, hand-made egg noodle
Uni, hand-made egg noodle(pasta)


Heard that chef made pretty nice hand-made egg noodles, so we arranged  Uni, hand-made egg noodle as one of the main course. Seems ‘hand-made pasta’ would be a better choice of word.  The pasta was cooked to desirable hardness, a bit chewy. Used some uni sauce to stir-fry the noodles and put the uni on top. Such a beautiful presentation. What are those tiny little yellow bite around the pasta? Lemon peel it is. Since the dish was full of carb, a little bit of lemon peel would help to ease the heaviness and bring out the freshness.

Wagyu beef cheek, truffled wild mushroom, potato mash
Wagyu beef cheek, truffled wild mushroom, potato mash


Wagyu beef cheek, truffled wild mushroom, potato mash. A dish full of collagen. The beef cheek was slow-cooked to a very tender texture and the flavour was very rich, which gave a great balance to the potato mash. The parsley and onions on top were so fresh, but the taste was quite heavy as well.

Basil and coconut ice-cream and crumble
Coconut Basil Sorbet, Chocolate, Coffee Sponge, Parmesan, Crumble


Of course  this wonderful dinner could only be completed by a lovely dessert. Coconut Basil Sorbet, Chocolate, Coffee Sponge, Parmesan, Crumble. It was not a normal dessert that you may expect to have a sweet ending of the dinner, but it’s definitely an inspiring combination of sweetness and saltiness. The coconut basil sorbet was really one of its kind and  far beyond my expectation.


The price perhaps is a bit high. If you love seafood and want a quiet dining atmosphere, or you prefer the chef to tailor make a menu for you, Table is a nice choice for you. They also serve lunch set and dinner set. Worth for a try.


Address: 8/F, the Pemberton, 22-26 Bonham Strand East, Sheung Wan
Opening Hours: Mondays – Saturdays 11.30-14.30, 18.00-23.00

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