A minimoy loves food and sharing food
A minimoy loves food and sharing food

Sorriso Italian Cuisine – Dinner under beautiful HK Skyline

。Sorriso 意大利餐廳 – 新廚新菜+ 維港夜景。


It has been more than a year since my last visit at Sorriso. Got invited by a friend and he arranged the best “Proposal Table” with very nice sea view and HK skyline. Looked forward to the dinner since the quality is much better after the new chef was on board as I heard.

Beautiful view of Victoria Harbour
Beautiful view of Victoria Harbour

今次友人全權負責點菜,先來兩道前菜,煙燻芝士焗雜菜 及 黑松露沙律醬配酥烤大蘑菇。煙燻芝士給雜菜增加了一個不同層次的美味,彷彿像是下了肉類一起焗一樣,更提升了蔬菜的鮮味。而這道菜的充滿意外驚喜,煙燻芝士頂層覆蓋著一個茴香頭,非常的清新。

Friend was in charge to place order this time. Here came 2 starters, baked fresh vegetables with smoked cheese and  deep-fried Portobello with truffle salad sauce. The smoked cheese gave a rich flavour to the course and brought out the freshness of the vegetables. Quite surprised to see fennel covered by the cheese but the fennel really balanced the richness of the cheese.

Baked fresh vegetables with smoked cheese
Baked fresh vegetables with smoked cheese


Deep-fried Portobello with truffle salad sauce. Truffle salad sauce smelled so good. The portobello was so fresh and cooked to a perfect point that the juicy was well reminded.

Deep-fried Portobello with truffle sauce
Deep-fried Portobello with truffle sauce


Following the starters, the Sorriso Antipasto was very nice, not only on it’s presentation but also the taste. The platter included parma ham with melon,  tomato and mozzarella, salami and sausages, smoked salmon and scallop carppaccio. Highly recommend the scallop carppaccio as the scallop was so fresh and sweet. Salami and sausages were all nice with a bit of cheese and olive. 🙂

Sorriso’s Antipasto
Scallop Carppaccio


Manila Clams Linguine. The chef added a bit of chili to the linguine to bring out some excitement. The clams were quite fruity as well.

Linguine with Clams
Manila Clams Linguine


Italian Red Prawns Linguine is a course that you don’t want to miss. Chef used the essence of the prawn head and the paste to cook the pasta and served it with 2 prawns. Tasty, rich, juicy.

Linguine with big red prawns
Italian Red Prawns Linguine


To talk about signature dish at Sorriso, I couldn’t stop myself to mention the slow-cooked Italian baby pig. The crispy skin matched beautifully with the soft meat inside. It was so tasty even if you don’t eat with the sauce. The lighted sour vegetables and beetroot on the side gave you a refreshing feeling.

Slow-cooked Italian Baby Pig


The roasted French yellow chicken was slightly too dry for me tonight. Skin was still crispy but the chicken breast was too dry. The corn bread on the side was quite delicious though.

Roasted French Yellow Chicken


Grilled Canadian Pork Rack, Pumpkin Mashed Potato, French Bean and Red Wine Jus. The pork rack was so tender and soft. Sauce was not so strong that you could taste the sweetness of the meat. Pumpkin mashed potato also brought it to another level.

Grilled Canadian Pork Rack


New chef also brought new dessert to the menu. Strawberry and fig pizza was used brioche as base and topped with fresh strawberry, fig and mint leaf. A bit of sourness and sweetness combined with this soft pizza base. It was quite light that you couldn’t imagine.

Strawberry and Fig Pizza
Strawberry and Fig Pizza


Also in love with Souffle but also hate it since it makes you feel like eating air. Apple Souffle was a very refreshing combination since the green apple sorbet gave us the taste to refresh our mind. The souffle was so soft and just sweet enough to pair with the sorbet.

Apple Souffle
Apple Souffle


Berry Panna Cotta Ice Cream & Raspberry Sorbet had the best presentation among all the desserts we had. The raspberry sorbet was so refreshing together with the fresh berries in the glass. Berry Panna Cotta provided the balance to this dish due to its silky and light flavour.

"Sorriso's Sunday" with Berry Panna Cotta Ice Cream & Raspberry Sorbet
“Sorriso’s Sunday” with Berry Panna Cotta Ice Cream & Raspberry Sorbet


a perfect ending for a great dinner
a perfect ending for a great dinner


Sorriso Italian Cuisine
Address: 29/F, iSquare, 63 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.
Opening Hours: Mondays to Sundays 12.00-14.30, 18.00-22.45

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