A minimoy loves food and sharing food
A minimoy loves food and sharing food

Recipe – Stir-fried Udon with XO Sauce

。快煮 – XO醬雜錦炒烏冬。

遇上美味的「滿福樓」絕版XO醬,真的忍不住食了又食。剛好一大班人食飯,其他菜式又有材料多,便加入食材和烏冬,快炒了一個XO醬雜錦烏冬 (6人份)作主食。

XO Sauce from Dynasty Restaurant is one of the best XO sauce in town. So glad to have a chance to cook with a group of friends and have some fresh ingredients and udon, so I decided to quickly make an assorted vegetables udon with XO sauce.

絕版滿福樓XO醬 XO Sauce from Dynasty
XO Sauce from Dynasty

XO醬              1/2樽
烏冬                3包
豬扒/梅頭     200克
甘筍                1/2 條
金菇                2包
小青瓜            1條

Simple ingredient:
XO Sauce         1/2 Bottle
Udon                 3 packs
Pork chop        200g (less)
Carrot               1/2 pc
Enoki mushroom    2 packs
Jap. cucumber         1pc


1. 先將金菇洗淨,拆開一條條。
2. 將甘筍和小青瓜切粒,備用。
3. 豬扒切細條,用少許糖、鹽、生抽醃好,備用。
4. 煲開水,先將金菇、甘筍、青瓜飛水。
5. 再用開水將烏冬沖開,不要黏作一團,瀝乾水備用。
6. 將豬肉條 以慢火煎至半熟。
7. 將金菇、甘筍、青瓜、豬肉條下鑊快炒一下,然後加入烏冬一起炒2分鐘。
8. 加入XO醬炒勻,多炒1分鐘,熄火。
9. 蓋上鑊蓋5分鐘,將烏冬吸收XO醬的味道,完成。


1. Wash Enoki and separate them finely.
2. Dice carrot and cucumber.
3. Cut the pork into thin strips; use little bit of sugar, salt and soy sauce for seasoning/
4. Boil water to quickly boil the enoki, carrot and cucumber for around 30 secs to 1 min.
5. Pour the boiled water to udon to avoid them stick together.
6. Pan-fry the pork strips simmered.
7. Stir-fry the enoki, carrot, cucumber and pork quickly, and then add the udon in and stir-fry for 2 mins.
8. Add XO sauce into the udon and stir-fry quickly in less than 1 min. Turn off the heat.
9. Cover the lid for 5 mins and let the udon absorb the favour.

(If you like it to be more spicy and savory, add some more XO sauce when you enjoy udon. Yum~)


Other courses of the dinner:

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Rice roll with pork and XO sauce
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場地提供: 明廚教室 My Studio Kitchen

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