A minimoy loves food and sharing food
A minimoy loves food and sharing food

le “Relais de l’Entrecôte” – The one and only from Paris to HK

。le “Relais de l’Entrecôte” – 從巴黎走到香港的只此一家。


le “Relais de l’Entrecôte brought the French Bistro style to Hong Kong and set up its the one and only branch in Asia. Restaurant operates with the same principles – No Menu and No Reservation. So lucky that friends arrived early to get a table. As a new hit in town , it may not be easy yo get a table at night. Once entered the restaurant, a handsome bartender and servers preparing the dessert was the first attraction.



After seated, the server quickly brought us some bread. Since there is no menu but salad, steak & fries, the server promptly asked us how we wanted the steak to be cooked and I ordered a set of rare.

Green salad with walnuts
Green salad with walnuts


The green salad with walnuts was very refreshing with the mustard dressing.



Server brought us the contre-fillet steak and fries in a sterling silver platter in order to keep the best temperature. Then server distributed half portion of steak and fries onto individual plate and served. The second half portion would be kept on the sliver platter with candle underneath.

See how tender the steak is.



這裡煮牛扒的溫度偏高,因此牛扒煮得略熟,大約變成了半生熟。牛扒採用USDA Prime ,食下去肉質甚有彈性。薯條鮮炸,新鮮又帶薯仔甜味,很不錯。

Since the cooking temperature is relatively high, the steak was cooked to medium rare but still quite juicy. Restaurant uses USDA Prime steak which is one of the top quality steak in the world. Home-made fries was so fresh and with a bit of sweetness. Couldn’t stop myself from eating it!

Steak with home-made fries
Steak with home-made fries

餐廳的甜品餐牌也相當吸引,有約20款選擇。今次一行多人,正好試試。le Vacherin d’ete (紅桑子巨塔) 絕對是一推薦之選,賣相非常吸睛,層層疊著雪葩和蛋白酥。

The dessert menu is as attractive as the steak as there is a selection of around 20 desserts on the menu. Good to try some of them this night when we had quite a group of people. le Vacherin d’ete was one of the highlight here! With the red and white presentation, it looked so colorful and attractive.

le Vacherin d’ete


法式甜品朱古力泡芙Profiteroles 相信大家絕對不會陌生,濃郁的朱古力醬,香濃得很。

Profiteroles au Chocolate would always come to your mind when you think about French dessert. The rich chocolate sauce gave a contrast to the cool puff.  Awesome!

Profiteroles au Chocolate
Profiteroles au Chocolate

再來一道吸睛之選,亦是小妹最喜愛的, 鬱金香型的 Relais Tulip。面層的忌廉配紅桑子十分可愛,切開後原來是滿滿的雲尼拿雪糕。讓人滿心歡喜的一道甜品!

Another attractive one, which is also my favorite is the ‘Relais’ Tulip. The cream and raspberry on top looked so adorable. Once you cut it opened, it’s filled with vanilla ice-cream!

'Relais' Tulip
‘Relais’ Tulip

除了以上3款絕對要推介的,芝士拼盤、焦糖布甸及栗子布甸Mont Blanc也是不錯的選擇。相信要多來幾次才可以試到全部甜品!

Besides the above 3 desserts to recommend, cheese platter, crème brulèe and mont blanc were also quite delicious. The cheese platter, served with 4 different types of cheese, was a good match with the French Baguette. If you want to try more desserts, make sure to come with a group of friends!

Cheese Platter
Cheese Platter (Brie, Comte, Goat cheese, Blue cheese)
Mont Blanc
Mont Blanc
Creme Brulee
Creme Brulee


le “Relais de l’Entrecôte
Address: 222 Queen’s Road East, Wanchai
Opening Hours: Mondays to Sundays 12.00-14.30, 18.30-23.00

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