Boundary Western Cuisine – Hidden gem in Prince Edward

。Boundary Western Cuisine – 太子鬧市中的悠靜。

Heard from a friend about this small restaurant in Prince Edward. Interior design was so simple with lots of white and wooden material to create a cozy ambiance. Coffee beans were used in several areas such as the middle of the long table. Quite special.



You may select from the dinner set menu of soup, starter, main and dessert, all of your choice. Before serving the starter, the owner brought us two tubes of tomato soup. Perhaps you would ask me, ‘Tomato? Are you serious?’ Yes it is a tomato soup with basil favour. Very refreshing.

Tomato Soup
Tomato Soup

Carrot and orange salad as our starter looked vey presentable. The server introduced the dish in details. We started from the jelly of the right, then the preserved orange bitter, to the carrot salad. From the lightness to the richness.

Carrot and orange salad
Carrot and orange salad

Oyster chowder soup was recommended by server. Since it was a new item from the chef, we were quite excited to try. A bowl with fennel and basil was brought to us at first. Then the server slowly poured the soup into it. Smelled and tasted so rich with the oyster. The fennel provided an essential role to lighten it.

Oyster Chowder soup
Oyster Chowder soup


Salmon Duet was like a piece of artwork. It was a combination of a slow-cooked salmon confit and a pan-fried salmon fillet. The salmon confit was so tender and juicy which almost melt in your mouth. The other salmon fillet with a crispy skin was cooked to perfect while the oil just released. Very delicious with the mix & match!

Salmon Duet: Slow-cooked salmon confit and pan-fried salmon
Salmon Duet: Slow-cooked salmon confit and pan-fried salmon

海鮮墨汁意大利飯,是菜牌上最香濃之選。 黑漆漆的墨汁,配上煎至金黃色的海鮮,賣相出眾。而意大利飯煮得微硬,但醬汁很香濃,如果大家想食清一點,建議選魚類或大蝦天使麵。
Seafood black ink risotto was one choice on the menu with really strong taste. Pure black ink with golden jewelry (the seafood). Very nice presentation. Risotto al dente. If you prefer a light meal, perhaps fish or prawn angel hair may suit you better.

Seafood Black Ink Risotto
Seafood Black Ink Risotto

Restaurant also serves a selection of cake and dessert. Have chosen the raspberry blueberry cheese cake. It looked a a gift box. The cheesecake was so smooth and rich.


Raspberry + Blueberry Cheese Cake
Raspberry + Blueberry Cheese Cake

The portion is generally big. If you want to eat light, order the 2-course dinner instead of 3. 🙂


Boundary Western Cuisine
Address: G/F, 254 Tung Choi Street, Prince Edward
Opening Hours: Mondays to Sundays 11.30-22.00

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