A minimoy loves food and sharing food
A minimoy loves food and sharing food

EN – Bring you back to Okinawa

。宴- 帶你走回沖繩。

在想念沖繩的時候,和友人來到宴 EN 食頓晚餐,好好聊一下近況,淺嚐幾杯,也好讓我食回沖繩味道。說到沖繩菜,有3款食品是絕對要認識的,海葡萄、苦瓜炒豬肉和沖繩南蠻雞,這裡都做得很不錯。海葡萄,沖繩代表食品,在沖繩買到的是一盒盒新鮮又大條的,配著少許醋汁食,非常鮮美的。這裡食到的當然不及當地大,但卻是鮮味不減。

Visited EN for dinner with a friend while I missed Okinawa so much with its nice weather and food. To talk about Okinawa cuisine, 3 dishes could not be missed: Sea grape, stir-fry bitter melon and pork, and Deep-fry chicken in Okinawa style. Sea grape is definitely at the top of my list of all Okinawa food. When we came across it in Okinawa, it was sold in a box with pairing vinegar. So big and fresh. This one served by EN was much smaller and tasted as good as the one we had in Japan.

Sea Grape
海葡萄 Sea Grape



Stir fried bitter melon with pork. Bitter melon from Okinawa is always known as thin and with small curve, so as the bitter-sweetness. The one we had was added tofu and egg, which tasted so similar with the original.  A pretty nice dish to enjoy with sake. 🙂

沖繩苦瓜炒豬肉 Stir-fry bitter melon with pork
Stir-fry bitter melon with pork


Deep-fried Nanban chicken with ta-ta sauce. The chef really made the magic to remind the juiciness of the chicken and the ta-ta sauce was so refreshing that you wanted to have this with a good bowl of rice.

沖繩南蠻雞配他他汁 Deep-fried chicken in Okinawa style with ta-ta sauce
Deep-fried chicken in Okinawa style with ta-ta sauce

食日本菜,怎少得刺身呢? 點了一客四點刺身,有三文魚腩、油甘魚、鱆紅魚和帶子,賣相十分精美。侍者上菜時還介紹了一下裝飾的食材,有來自北海道的小蕃茄和芥末葉,都可食用,用料相當用心。

How could you miss sashimi while having Japanese cuisine? We ordered a set of 4 different sashimi, Salmon, Hamachi, Amberjack and Scallop. The server explained that even some decoration ingredients could also be eaten, such as cherry tomatoes from Hokkaido.  You can see the chef is really working his magic.



To enjoy a beer and some sake, of cos there would be some nice small dishes served together. Smoked duck breast salad was a very refreshing one with the lemon and vinegar sauce.

煙鴨胸沙律 Smoked duck breast salad
Smoked duck breast salad


Ice leave & Uni tempura. It’s the first time I had cooked ice leaves. Usually it is used in salad. What an interesting combination with uni! One crispy and one soft, what a match! With a little bit of sea salt, the freshness even came out more!

冰葉海膽天婦羅 Ice leave & uni tempura


Roasted dried sardine. Roasted to very fine and crispy. Slightly salty and perfectly matched with beer or sake.

燒沙甸魚干 Roasted Sardine
Roasted Sardine


Couldn’t miss the assorted Okinawa noodles as the main course. With assorted vegetables and a bit of chicken, the noodles may taste a little salty and sour to you due to the Katsuobushi shavings on top. Remember to eat it fresh and hot. It would stick together if it’s cooled.

雜錦炒幼麵 Stir-fry assorted vegetables with noodles
Stir-fry assorted vegetables with noodles


You may easily miss the entrance of the building where the restaurant locates. But once you step in 1/F, it is another scenario. The servers are so kind and attentive which I would be sure to return for small gathering with this kind of service and food.


Address: 1/F, Golden Dragon Centre, 38-40 Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Opening Hours: Mondays to Sundays 18.00-00.00


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