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臨近年尾,一班同事都為了這個總結在忙,這天為大家安排了網上餅店瓜破的蛋糕和甜點,好好加油。自去年起,已訂過好幾次,每次先下單,然後到地鐵站交收,簡單快捷。這次訂了6種不同蛋糕,當中有新品「重」 。包含焙茶慕絲、栗子、紅豆、朱古力曲奇等材料的「重」,甜度適中,層層遞進的味道,由面層清新的寒天至底層濃濃的朱古力,每一層也有它的特點。

It is close to end of the year. Everyone is so busy on concluding this year and planning for next year. Organized some cakes and desserts from Patisserie Uriwari for the colleagues to cheer up and keep fighting. Have ordered the cakes from Uriwari several times. The website clearly states every details of the cakes, ordering procedure, pickup at MTR. This time we ordered 6 different types, including new item “Kasane”. It contained Hojicha mousse, chestnuts, red beans, chocolate cookies, etc. Perfect sweetness with smooth texture. Each layers had its own flavour from the light jelly to the rich chocolate cookie.

重 Kasane



Kakeru was launched in Summer but still suits the warm winter at this moment. The combination of mango, passion fruit and grapefruit was really refreshing, while the mango mousse with white chocolate balanced the sourness of the passion fruit paste. It was the best item to recall the presence of Summer.

翔 kakeru



“Shoga” means ginger. It had a very attractive presentation with the small beetle at the side. The ginger lemon cream was very rich in the lemon flavour but with less ginger. It would be much better if the ginger comes out.

薑 Shoga



“Syun” has the meaning of a quick moment. This was the richest one among all 6. The caramel mousse, hazelnut paste and chocolate paste carried a very rich flavour and texture, while the diced apples gave  it some freshness and lightness.

瞬 syun



“Koi” (love) would definitely be the first choices of most girls. The beautiful red heart shaped presentation was just so attractive that you couldn’t miss it. The flavour enriched from outside to the inside of the cake, since the raspberry mousse covered the dark chocolate and chocolate almond cake at the bottom.

戀 koi



“En”. You may tell what the ingredient is easily due to its presentation. Yes it’s a green tea cake. However, it was a bit sweet this time while the black sugar and red beans enhanced the sweetness. The Japanese style outlook was always so decent.

円 en


Patisserie Uriwari

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