A minimoy loves food and sharing food
A minimoy loves food and sharing food

KANI – Oyster feast in an Industrial building


Heard about the restaurant KANI for a while, but didn’t have a chance to visit it. It  locates in an industrial building in Kwun Tong with spacious dining area and has the tempting theme of free-flow oysters with set dinner.

環境相當闊絡,還有高檯位置。 Spacious environment with extra high table area. 
專人即場開蠔 Open oyster at site once you order


It is no longer the season for oysters in Southern Hemisphere. The restaurant changed the supply to oysters from Northern Hemisphere. We had 4 different choices from France, Scotland and South Africa to select. As per the suggestion of the restaurant manager, we began with D’Lsigny from France. Light flavour, a touch of sea flavour.Oysters were relatively thin. Due to the light flavour, it would be easy for us to eat a few more. Matched with the champagne and white wine brought by my friends, the fragrance of the oysters remained in the mouth for quite a while.


France – D’Lsigny

接著,食到蘇格蘭的Cumbrae 蠔,味較第一種重,蠔也比較厚身,海水味又重了一點點。在配上清酒後,把蠔的香味在口中延長了,相信再過一段時間,會更肥美。

Then we changed to Cumbrae oysters from Scotland. The flavour was slightly richer with more saltiness. Oysters were also fatter than D’Lisgny. It was a pretty good match with sake as the fragance would extend in your mouth.

Scotland – Cumbrae oyster


來到最肥美的一款 — 南非的Rollex。它的肥美就像一陣奶油充斥著口腔一樣,久久不散,絕對是愛食肉厚肥美生蠔人士的心水之選。

Rollex oysters from South Africa would be the best choice for people who love fat and fruitful oysters. It filled the shell and felt like a butter melting in your mouth. The flavour was very long-lasting.

South Africa – Rollex

第四款是最「重口味」的法國蠔 Carantec,蠔是相對比較小的,也較瘦,但是海水同金屬味較重。食後會有一陣淡淡的金屬味留在口裡,但相比真正的銅蠔,還是有一點距離。

The last one was Carantec with most saltiness and metal flavour. Oysters were relatively thin among all 4. However, the flavour of sea and a bit of metal were so rich.

France – Carantec



After eating all 4 types of oysters, you can feel free to order the one you like and encore as many times as possible, or you may also enjoy the set dinner courses. We ordered the yellow fin tuna spring rolls with yuzu, watermelon, peas and oyster coulis. The seaweed in the spring rolls was slightly chewy but the sauce was pretty nice to bring back the freshness of tuna.

脆炸吞拿魚春卷配鮮香草蠔汁 Yellow fin tuna spring roll with yuzu, watermelon, peas and oyster coulis
Yellow fin tuna spring roll with yuzu, watermelon, peas and oyster coulis


For main course, I would recommend the slow-cooked salmon fillet with prosciutto, celeriac puree and seasonal veggie. The salmon was very smooth and creamy, which made a great contract with the crispy skin.

香煎三文魚扒 Slow-cooked salmon fillet
Slow-cooked salmon fillet


Wild mushroom ravioli with 63-degree egg and honey beans. Though it looked a bit weird, its taste was the best among the main courses. The cream sauce was so rich and had the right texture. The ravioli was cooked to its perfect texture but not too soft.

意式蘑菇雲吞 Wild mushroom ravioli
Wild mushroom ravioli


You may also choose the roasted chicken, grilled pork rack and steak as main course. However, I had too many oysters and was able to taste a little of each dish. It may still be improved at some point.

特色美國豬扒 Grilled US Pork Rack
Grilled US Pork Rack
香辣燒春雞 Spicy Roasted Chicken
Spicy Roasted Chicken


The dessert represented the art sense of the chef. “Summer Love” was actually panna cotta with fresh mix berries jam. The flowers on the dessert were so beautiful. This panna cotta was a bit hard and close to Hong Kong style. However the mix berries jam was freshly made, which made the dessert more delicious.

Summer Love
Summer Love


Perhaps it was a oyster night which we all focused on the oyster. Other dishes seem to be neglected. Hope the restaurant will improve the main course and make better quality of food.



Address:Unit A, 1/F, King Win Factory Building, 65-67 King Yip Street, Kwun Tong.
Opening hours: Mondays to Fridays, 08.00-22.00, Saturdays 10.00-22.00

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