A minimoy loves food and sharing food
A minimoy loves food and sharing food

SHIKA Teppanyaki – creative, innovative and traditional

。鉄人旨花 –  傳統中顯新意。


Have fallen in love with Japanese Teppanyaki since the first time I had a real one in my life. Different from the fast-food-style Taiwanese teppanyaki, Japanese one is all about the techniques of the chef, the freshness of the ingredients and the dining ambiance. So glad to join the lunch arranged by Fancook this time. SHIKA  has simple  and modern interior design used quite a lot of wood, so bright and cozy.


The starter,  which provides you the lightest flavour, included Octopus, eggplant and cucumber with miso. Cucumber was so fresh & crispy comparing to the soft octopus. Scallop salad with homemade tofu sauce was a mouth-watering dish as the tofu sauce was so light with full of bean flavour. Couldn’t stop myself to finish the whole dish.

三式前菜 Appetizer: Octopus,  eggplant & cucumber
Appetizer: Octopus, eggplant & cucumber
自製豆腐醬帶子沙律 Scallop salad with homemade tofu sauce
Scallop salad with homemade tofu sauce

Shika sushi roll and the three-fish rice roll had the most beautiful presentation among all the dishes. From presentation to taste, Japanese cuisine would cover all areas in details. This dish just reflected the hardwork and art sense of the chef.

鉄人旨花卷 & 三色魚米卷 Shika Sushi Roll & Three-fish Rice Roll
鉄人旨花卷 & 三色魚米卷
Shika Sushi Roll & Three-fish Rice Roll

Steamed eggs in Japaneses style. Added a little of pomelo and crab meat, it had a different lightness from the normal steamed eggs. Served with a bamboo basket, it was a good combination of the modern flavour with traditional presentation.

魚鮮蒸蛋 Steamed eggs
Steamed eggs

After the steamed eggs, the collection of teppanyaki items were getting ready to be served. The oil of cod fish was released while it was grilled. Smelled so great and the texture was full of oil and moisture.


鉄板燒銀鱈魚 Cod fish teppanyaki
Cod fish teppanyaki

Tiger prawns teppanyaki was the masterpiece of Chef Joe who showed us his excellent skill of taking off the shell of the prawns. It was definitely the outcome of long-term practice. The head of tiger prawn was so rich with the flavour of the essence. Meat was so tender. Highly recommend.

鉄板燒虎蝦 Tiger Prawn
Tiger Prawn


鉄板燒A5和牛(薄燒) ,要食鉄板燒和牛,首選薄燒,因師傅只會讓牛肉快燒至medium rare的程度,保持肉汁之餘,以保持了牛肉的鮮甜味。入口溶化的感覺,只能在薄燒中體現。
To enjoy the best taste of A5 Wagyu, I would choose the way to have it thin cut and grill it in a quick way to medium rare. Not only the juicy would be well kept, the sweetness would also expose. It would melt in your mouth .

鉄板燒A5和牛(薄燒) A5 Wagyu (thin cut)

Foie gras toast was no doubt the most devil choice of the meal. Toast was set at the edge to slow grill to crispy. You would see the oil of foie gras coming out while it was cooked. So crispy outside but soft in the centre. Awesome.

鉄板燒鵝肝多士 Foie gras toast
Foie gras toast

IMG_1614a無花果天婦羅配特製醬汁, 意想不到的天婦羅之選,原來無花果的糖分遇熱後釋放出來,讓其甜味更突出,是這次午餐中的最大美味驚喜。
Fig Tempura was the most surprising dish with the sweetness exposed in my mouth. The sugar of fig was released once the fig was heated. So surprising and so delicious.


Fried rice in teppanyaki style couldn’t be missed in a proper teppanyaki meal. It was so delicious withe dry and divided rice texture. Egg yolk covered all the rice properly.

鉄板炒飯 Fried Rice


To end this perfect and fruitful lunch, we had the green tea ice-cream. The green tea flavour was so rich and it just matched perfectly with the corn flake. You would just finish it in a sec.

抹茶雪糕 Green Tea Ice-cream


鉄人旨花 SHIKA Teppanyaki
Address: 2/F Shining Building, 477-481 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay
Opening Hours: Mondays to Sundays, 12.00-14.30, 18.00-00.00

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