A minimoy loves food and sharing food
A minimoy loves food and sharing food

Macau Yuen Kee – Brilliant hotpot and beef soup

。澳門丸記清湯腩王 – 和清湯腩一樣出色的火鍋。


Weather changes so rapidly and gets cooler. It is the best time to enjoy hotpot with friends, not only for the heat and variety of ingredients, but also for the chance to have a nice chat. Went to Macau Yuen Kee at Yau Ma Tei this time for hotpot due to friend’s recommendation. I had no doubt of his choice and just went ahead for that.




We ordered the famous Crabs and Chicken hotpot. It looked stunning because of the ingredients covering. Lots of crabs on top and the chicken covered all areas of the bottom. The soup was so rich and with extra freshness due to the celery. The restaurant manager introduced us the blush clams, also called pink clams, which the meat would turn pink once it’s cooked. It was so fresh with the juice all inside and had the taste of sea.




Friends highly recommended the royal noodles which is kind of a rice noodles. It was so smooth and absorb the soup very well. You won’t be able to stop adding more since it tasted so nice.


一些常見食材當然不能少,手打丸類,本地牛肉 和魚鰾。這天的魚鰾非常新鮮,質素十分好,上半部有點點膠質,下半部亦十分爽口。

You probably would ask me how about those common hotpot ingredients are like. We also ordered some meatballs, local beef and fish maw. Perhaps it is a bit too exotic. The fish maw was actually one of the best ingredients we had. So crunchy and fresh, and with full of collagen. 😉



You don’t want to miss the stewed beef soup here. Chef had perfect control on the ingredients and cooking duration. The beef was so soft and would melt in your mouth. The radish was so sweet and gave another layer of taste to the soup. Really worth trying.





It’s getting colder next week. Would be a good choice to visit Yuen Kee for a nice hotpot or beef soup.


Macau Yuen Kee 澳門丸記清湯腩王
Address: G/F, 1-2/F, 39-41 Portland Street, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon
Opening Hours: Mondays to Sundays 11.00-03.00

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