A minimoy loves food and sharing food
A minimoy loves food and sharing food

Assaggio Trattoria Italiana – New Style on the Menu!

。Assaggio Trattoria Italiana – 新廚新風格。


聖誕期間,和朋友的聚會更見頻密,這天獲邀來到Assaggio Trattoria Italiana 灣仔店試試新上任大廚的廚藝,亦正好在聖誕節前和一班博客聚一聚。Assaggio一直主張由意大利入口食材,也得到意大利商會的認証,再配合新廚Francesco從家鄉Piedmont帶來的不少新煮法,讓餐牌更生新氣。

Friends gathering is getting to be more frequent during Christmas season. Was invited to try the new menu from the new chef, who has just been on broad for 1 month, at Assaggio Wanchai branch. It was also a great chance to meet with some bloggers before Christmas. Assaggio is very well-known of using ingredients imported directly from Italy and receives the recognition from Italian Chamber of Commerce. The restaurant becomes alive again after Chef Francesco’s arrival together with some of his recipe from his hometown Piedmont.


這天人多,友人們開了一瓶紅酒,但我還是想試試雞尾酒,便點了一杯EST, 由氈酒、蜜桃、熱情果糖漿和菠蘿汁調製,微甜,很熱帶的感覺,熱情果及菠蘿的果味特別突出。
We ordered a bottle of red wine to share but I still preferred cocktail and ordered a glass of EST, which is a mix of gin, peach purée, passion fruit syrup and pineapple juice. A very refreshing tropical with outstanding flavour of pineapple and passion fruit.



Chef brought some snacks before getting into the main menu. The platter included different types of bread, such as crispy cheese bread, Pita with ham and Grissini wrapped with ham. The saltiness of the ham was so rich and worked really well with Grissini the bread stick, but I do prefer the Pita with the soft texture and light flavour of ham.

Insalata di Mare (Seafood Salad)
Insalata di Mare
(Seafood Salad)
Vitello Tonnato (Roasted Veal, Tuna Sauce)
Vitello Tonnato
(Roasted Veal, Tuna Sauce)
Mozzarella in Carrozza (Deep fried Caprese)
Mozzarella in Carrozza
(Deep fried Caprese)

前菜已經讓人非常期待, 海鮮沙律以最簡單的鹽、檸檬汁和橄欖油調味,讓人食到海鮮最原始的鮮味。 烤牛肉配吞拿魚醬,加上了紅菜頭,令菜式多了點點甜味,相當不錯。而前菜的邪惡經典,想必是夾著mozzarella芝士和蕃茄炸軟包,簡單的配搭,清新的味道,再配上炸的手法,頓時鹹香多了。

We all were eager to try the starters since some courses came quite different from the previous chef’s idea. Seafood salad was used with the simplest seasoning – salt, lemon juice and olive oil to bring out the fresh sweetness of the seafood. Roasted veal with tuna sauce tasted surprisingly good with the red beet. However, they couldn’t compare to the deep-fried Caprese. Mozzarella and tomato was wrapped with soft bread and deep fried, which created a contrast on the taste.

Crema di Zucca e Formaggio di Capra (Pumpkin soup & Goat Cheese)
Crema di Zucca e Formaggio di Capra
(Pumpkin soup & Goat Cheese)


This pumpkin soup is probably the richest one I have even had. The richness was come from the whole fresh pumpkin used and the goat cheese which brought the soup the thickness. Chef treated all his dishes in great details while using pumpkin seeds and riso absorbed the red beet’s juice to decorate the soup.

Cappellacci Mascarpone e Spinaci (Spinach & Mascarpone Ravioli)
Cappellacci Mascarpone e Spinaci
(Spinach & Mascarpone Ravioli)
Risotto Porri e Salsiccia (Leek & Pork Sausage Carnaroli Rice)
Risotto Porri e Salsiccia
(Leek & Pork Sausage Carnaroli Rice)


Chef Francesco brought lots of new ideas and recipes from his hometown, and of cos those would be used on their pasta and risotto. Spinach & Mascarpone Ravioli looked very simple but also very attractive. Spinach and Mascarpone mix was rich but not too much. The following dish, Leek & Pork Sausage Carnaroli Rice, was a surprise. Chef introduced the best way to enjoy it is to eat the sausage and risotto together at the same time. The flavor of the sausage was so strong and therefore Chef only used minimum seasoning on the risotto to make a balance.

Cotto, Gorgonzola e Radicchio  (Red Chicory, Baked Ham, Gorgonzola cheese pizza)
Cotto, Gorgonzola e Radicchio
(Red Chicory, Baked Ham, Gorgonzola cheese pizza)
Burrata e Melanzane (Eggplant & Burrata Cheese Pizza)
Burrata e Melanzane
(Eggplant & Burrata Cheese Pizza)


Here you go the second round of main course, Pizza! Red chicory, baked ham, Gorgonzola cheese, was a lighter option between two pizzas. The soft Gorgonzola cheese brought out the mild saltiness of the ham. The eggplant & burrata cheese pizza was added with some blue cheese, which made it become very strong on the taste. Together with the spiciness of the rocket leaves, it became our favourite.

Suckling Pig
Suckling Pig
Chef Francesco was so nice to bring us the dish and let us take some photos of him.
Chef Francesco was so nice to bring us the dish and let us take some photos of him.


We also order the signature Suckling Pig. The presentation was so nice because of the crispy golden colour. Skin was so crispy but the meat was so soft. Highly recommend.


一頓這麼愉快的晚餐又怎少得了甜品? 今天還有5道那麼多,全檯的女士也非常期待甜品的出現。先說說 Tiramisu,香滑,那咖啡和酒味點到即止,手指餅剛好沾滿了咖啡,完全沒有過多。

How could we miss desserts at this lovely and happy dinner? All ladies looked forward to those 5 desserts on the menu. Firstly, the Tiramisu was so smooth and at its right balance on the coffee. Lady finger absorbed the perfect portion of the coffee.

Bounet  (Rum Chocolate Pudding with mixed berries)
(Rum Chocolate Pudding with mixed berries)


Bounet, the Rum Chocolate Pudding with mixed berries. The chocolate flavour was not strong enough on my point of view. It would be better if it was richer.


Millefoglie ,千層蛋糕塔配黑莓醬,與其說千層蛋糕,個人覺得是薄餅煎香脆組成的塔,外脆內軟,內裡是吉士餡,再配上微酸的黑莓醬,真的非常美味。

Millefoglie, also named Thousand Layer Cake with blackberries sauce, was the gal’s favourite. Instead of calling it cake, I would name it as the crispy pancake tower. The pancakes filled with custard was so crispy pairing with the soft cream and a bit of blackberry sauce. Lovely.



Semifreddo was the raspberry parfait with dark chocolate and meringue. We all thought it was just a combination of parfait and meringue, but it was such as nice surprise when we cut it and found the molten raspberry sauce inside. The parfait was a good match with the dark chocolate sauce underneath.  It was a dessert brought you lots of happiness and satisfaction.



Don’t miss the Biscotti (Assorted homemade cookies). It looked so simple but tasted extraordinary. Personal favourite was the thin cookie with the sugar on top. Couldn’t help myself to have another one. 🙂

Black coffee after meal 🙂

在眾多菜式裡,不難發現主廚的心思細膩,每一道菜都講求平衡,務求以最少的調味帶出食材最原始的鮮味,為食客帶來最真摰的味道。 大家不要錯過。

Among all these dishes, it was not difficult to see the details and ideas that Chef Francesco wanted to create. It was all about balance on the taste and ingredients, by using the least seasoning to bring out the most original flavour of the ingredients. Highly recommend.


Assaggio Trattoria Italiana
Address: 6/F Hong Kong Arts Centre, 2 Harbour Road, Wanchai
Opening Hours: Mondays to Fridays 12.00-15.00, 17.30-23.00; Weekends 12.00-23.00


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