A minimoy loves food and sharing food
A minimoy loves food and sharing food

Prince Restaurant – Warmth in Winter

。王子飯店 – 冬日中的暖流。


We usually love to eat food that gives you warmth in winter. So glad to have a friend pre-arrange the menu for my family dinner at Prince Restaurant, Elements on Winter Solstice, in order to let my family to try the winter menu. The restaurant is located at Elements, close to MTR station, and faced the highway, where you can also see the sunset if you come early for dinner. To begin our dinner, of course we couldn’t miss the signature Iberico BBQ pork which would melt in your mouth with the perfect portion of fat. Very delicious.

西班牙黑毛豬叉燒 Iberico BBQ Pork
Iberico BBQ Pork


Almond juice & pig lung soup with tofu. Sounds a bit exotic to foreigners but it’s one of the signature items on the menu and is really good for health. The almond juice was so rich while the tofu was so smooth. Not even a drop of oil could you find on the surface of the soup. It would be my top choice of this season.

杏汁白肺湯 Almond juice & pig lung soup with tofu
Almond juice & pig lung soup with tofu


How could you miss the signature Mutton Pot? The lamb was stewed to a very soft texture which you can easily eat it. Mushrooms and the fried bean curd absorbed the juice. It showed the high standard of the chef’s technique.

王子羊腩煲 Prince's Signature Mutton Pot
Prince’s Signature Mutton Pot


Pak Choi with diced pork and fresh egg was a dish full of surprise. It was served in a pot. Once the server waited for us to take the picture, he quickly stir-fried and mixed it in front of us. It smelled so good that made us mouth watering. The egg and pork gave enough moisture. This dish was definitely a good partner with rice.

窩蛋肉鬆白菜仔 Pak Choi pot with diced pork and fresh egg
Pak Choi pot with diced pork and fresh egg

王子飯店的順德焗魚腸也不能小看,仿間已越來越難找到這道菜,王子飯店的這一道確令人印象深刻。 焗至金黃色的表面,香脆甘香,焗得剛好又保持水分。蛋吸收了魚腸的汁,入口更香甜。值得一試。

Baked intestine of Prince Restaurant was one of its kind in town since it is getting more difficult to find this dish in the city. The golden color presentation was so attractive and you couldn’t imagine how moist the egg and intestine stayed. So juicy and so delicious.

順德焗魚腸 Baked intestine
Baked intestine


Last but not least, the sesame seed pudding made a perfect ending of the dinner. So smooth and rich. Don’t miss it!

生磨芝麻糕 Sesame Seed Pudding
Sesame Seed Pudding


Prince Restaurant 王子飯店
Address: Shop 1028C, 1/F, Elements, 1 Austin Road West, Tsim Sha Tsui
Opening Hours: Mondays to Sundays 11.00-17.00, 18.00-23.00

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