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。CIAK In The Kitchen – 不得了的意粉。

這夜出席活動以後,獨個兒來到了CIAK In The Kitchen吃晚飯,一個人來的好處是較容易被安排坐到pasta station,可以看著廚師們準備意粉,多麼高興。甫坐下,侍者已送上麵包籃,香氣撲鼻,薄的麵包片焗得香脆,軟包又充滿迷迭香和橄欖油的香味,非常可口。

After going to an event, I came to CIAK In The Kitchen alone for dinner. Sometimes I do like coming alone as I would always be arranged to sit at pasta station to see the chef prepare the pasta. Once sitting down, the bread basket was served and it smelled so good. The thin bread was baked to crispy and soft bread carried the delicious taste of Rosemary and olive oil.



Watching the chef preparing the pasta, I looked forward to my Carbonara. In the meanwhile, other pasta were also being prepared. Once the Carbonara was ready, chef served it to me directly at the pasta station. It was cooked al dente and was absorbed the sauce with creamy and cheese flavour. The ham smelled so nice as well. This is really one of my favourite pasta with simple ingredients.



還是意猶未盡,點上了一道甜品Ciaoco-cocco,朱古力慕絲夾著熱朱古力布朗尼蛋糕,底層有椰子雪糕, 一層啡一層白的組合,賣相可愛。分兩個食法進食,先食朱古力慕絲和蛋糕,感受香濃,再食一口椰子雪糕清洗味蕾。第二食法,一次將三層放進口裡,感受那軟硬不同、一凍一暖的感覺。滿足矣~

Still wanted to order something more after the pasta, here I had the Ciaoco-cocco. It was a dessert that every chocolate lovers can’t resist. A combination of chocolate mousse, warm chocolate brownie and coconut ice cream at the bottom. The presentation was quite cute and delicate. I tried it in 2 ways. Firstly, I mixed the mousse and brownie together to enjoy the sweetness and richness. Then had a bite of the coconut ice cream to refresh. The second way is to eat all three layers together to enjoy the softness and hardness, and cold and warm texture together. How delicious it is!!


It had its reason to get the one star reward from Michelin. Highly recommend.

CIAK In The Kitchen
Address: Shop 327-333, 3/F, The Landmark, 15 Queen’s Road, Central
Opening Hours: Mondays to Sundays 11:30-22:30


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