A minimoy loves food and sharing food
A minimoy loves food and sharing food

群記牛肉圓豬手 —經典中的經典

。Kwan Kee — The most classic local beef balls & pork knuckles。

In Luen Wo Hui, there are 3 restaurants that would come up to my mind every time when I am here. Kwan Kee is no doubt one of them. Dad sometimes brought us here when my brother and I were young. If we came on Saturday afternoon, we usually found that the restaurant closed, so as Sunday and Public Holiday. They closed once the pork knuckles were sold out. It was Kwan Kee in the old days. Nowadays, you only need to wait for 2 hours for a new round of pork knuckles if sold out.



Pork knuckles noodles was a must-order. The knuckles were cooked perfect texture – skin was crunchy and meat was soft. Not even a bit of greasiness, but freshness. I ordered the rice noodles this days as it would bring out the original freshness of the knuckles.



The very first dish served was actually the nice chili sauce. The sauce that you will fall in love with. Taste slightly spicy and smell so nice. You won’t be able to resist it.



The beef noodles was something that you may also try. People usually order rice noodles here and the beef was cooked so well and juicy. You may not want to stop drinking the soup. 😉



This restaurant is really one of its kind. Living and creating its own history in Luen Wo Hui. Lots of the old restaurants have been moved or renovated in the same area. Hope it will stay as the same and carry on its journey.


群記牛肉圓豬手 Kwan Kee Beef Balls & Pork Knuckles
Address: G/F, 5 Luen Cheong Street, Luen Wo Hui, Fanling
Opening Hours: Mondays to Sundays 11.00-17.45

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