A minimoy loves food and sharing food
A minimoy loves food and sharing food

富記大排檔 – 既豪氣又有特色

。Fu Kee Cooked Stall – Where you can enjoy special local food with generosity。


Cooked Stall surely has its top ranking at the Local Food/Restaurant list in Hong Kong. If you want to eat something very local, slightly luxurious, but not require lots of seafood, visit Fu Kee Cooked Stall at Tai Wai. The variety of choices and the creative dishes of the owner and chef gave us a great night. To begin the night with, we had the signature Fu Kee Platter with jellyfish, peanuts, ice tomato salad, smoked egg and thai chicken feet, etc. What a fruitful platter with nice presentation.

富記拼盤 Fu Kee Platter
Fu Kee Platter
燻蛋 Smoked egg
Smoked egg


Baked King prawn with cheese sauce gave us a very surprising outlook. The baked king prawns smelled so nice while the rice noodles and cheese sauce underneath gave enough atmosphere for the king prawns to show off. Once you tasted the rice noodles, you may not be able to stop yourself to eat more. That just happened to me. 🙂

芝士焗大蝦 Baked prawns with cheese
Baked prawns with cheese


Want something more luxurious? How about adding some abalone to your courses? This stewed abalone with mushroom was presented like Satay, though the sauce was just perfect. It was also a break before we headed to those deep-fried food and spicy items.

吉品扣北菇 Stewed abalone with mushroom
Stewed abalone with mushroom


The coming two, signature fried pork racks in Thai style and spicy chicken pot with pig lung, were full of characteristics of cooked stall. The fried pork racks was slightly spicy and smelled exciting. Perfect partner with beer. Spicy chicken pot is gradually getting well-known in Hong Kong dining history. The inversion with pig lung was a bit exotic, but I would say, it made the pot even tasty and richer in flavour.

富記特製泰酥骨 Signature Fried Pork Racks in Thai Style
Signature Fried Pork Racks in Thai Style
孟醬豬肺雞煲 Spicy Chicken Pot with Pig Lung
Spicy Chicken Pot with Pig Lung

最後也不禁要介紹一下 – 泰煲飯和西米糕。泰廚的廚藝真的不能小看,大大煲的炒飯,再加上菠蘿和蟹籽,大量的芫荽,十分香口。西米糕配上南瓜一起蒸,又香又軟,為整夜的香口晚餐作結。

Lastly, two dishes I have to recommend were assorted Thai Fried Rice and Pumpkin Sago Pudding prepared by Thai chef . The assorted fried rice was so delicious and fried to a perfect dryness. Steamed pumpkin sago pudding was so soft and light that gave us a perfect ending to the dinner.

泰煲飯 Assorted Thai Fried Rice
Assorted Thai Fried Rice
泰式西米糕 Thai Pumpkin Sago Pudding
Thai Pumpkin Sago Pudding


Additional highlight: a very traditional taste of enjoying rice in Hong Kong, rice & lard. The lard was freshly fried by the restaurant. Smelled extraordinary. I couldn’t stop myself to put a little more than usual. Adding the soy sauce made it smell even stronger. Simply tasty! 🙂

豬油撈飯 Rice + Lard
Rice + Lard


富記大排檔 Fu Kee Cooked Stall
Address: Shop 10-11, Cooked Stall, Lung Hang Estate, Tai Wai
Opening Hours: 10.00-14.00, 17.00-01.00

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