The Butchers Club Burger – The Best You Can Think Of

。The Butchers Club Burger – 你所找到的最好。

灣仔的The Butchers Club Burger之前匆匆食過,當然已覺美味,不過當時人到湧湧,真的食得有點不自在。今次來到新開個多月的中環店,晚上人不太多,還可坐在吧檯看著整個製作過程,又和主廚聊天,非常愉快。

Visited The Butchers Club Burger in Wanchai while it was newly opened. It was in such a hurry that I wouldn’t feel comfortable while people just stood next to you to wait. However, the first impression the Double Happiness was so delicious but a bit heavy. After the Central branch opened for 1 month or more, I finally got a chance to go for dinner and sit by the bar table to watch the cooking procedure and get  chance to talk to Head Chef.


這次點上的是最簡單的Butchers Club Burger, 漢堡從來不需要複雜,芝士、煙肉、蕃茄、酸瓜都不是重點,主角在牛肉上,配角是麵包。這裡的牛肉用上熟成澳洲安格斯牛肉,先在香港仔的工場用上熟成技術處理,然後再發放到分店裡,即場由廚師烹煮。主廚Matt亦透露牛肉是不會煮至全熟的,一定只煮到恰到好處 – 內裡仍保持粉嫩顏色和豐富肉汁;而且其他配料亦不能太濃烈,而搶去其風彩。麵包真的是不可小看的配角,是外脆內軟的麵包,吸收肉汁後更見美味,而且質感是非常方便,按下去再一口食掉所有材料。說得出的好,就在這裡找。

Butchers Club Burger was the simplest choice on the menu. A good burger has never been complicated. The focus should be on the beef, the bread next,  but not the cheese, tomato or bacon. Butchers Club uses dry-aged Australian Black Angus beef. Beef was delivered to branches after the dry-aged process at the factory in Aberdeen. Chef would grill in to perfect medium in order to remind the best quality while it looks pink and juicy inside. Other ingredients tasted fairly light to match the beef. However, don’t forget about the bread. It has a special crunchy texture. When you first bite it, it absorbed part of the juice from the beef which made you easier to press and eat everything in one bite. The best experience about enjoying a burger to be found here.

Butchers Club Burger
Butchers Club Burger

食漢堡包當然少不了薯條,這裡供應的薯角不但炸得香口,而且加了鴨油,熱騰騰的上菜,香氣四溢,你抗拒得了嗎? 再邪惡也要食掉。

Fries are always the perfect partner with burger. The fries tasted crispy and delicious. Being added duck fat, it was very tempting that you won’t be able to resist it and will eat it all.

Duck Fat Fries
Duck Fat Fries


The Butchers Club Burger
Address: Suite A, G/F, Sunwise Building, 112-114 Wellington Street, Central
Opening Hours: Mondays to Sundays 12.00-23.00

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