A minimoy loves food and sharing food
A minimoy loves food and sharing food

深圳南澳 — 生猛海鮮海中尋

Nan’ao, Shenzhen – Find the simplest and most original taste of seafood


Traveled to China for food and Buddha tour with family during CNY holiday. It was a new experience to us every day. One of the stop on our journey was Nanao, Shenzhen. Seafood and fish rafts were the signatures. You may even dine at fish rafts with fresh and alive seafood. Location-wised, it was so close to Tung Ping Chau where you can see it  If you depart from Shenzhen broader, it takes only 1-hour car ride.


車子一直沿著海邊,經過海鮮街,再入村莊,駛到望見魚排的位置,便是目的地了。找著找著那 5號牌,就是要上船的位置。坐上快艇出海,甚是興奮,一到達魚排,已被安排到棚內選擇海鮮,海蝦、瀨尿蝦、扇貝、石蚌、海斑等等,讓你眼花撩亂。老闆娘會跟著一起點選海鮮及推介,選好了便會即場撈起海鮮,亦立即開始烹調。

We drove along the sea side and passed the seafood market to the village. Once we saw the fish rafts, we knew that we’re getting there. Looking for the no. 5 stand by the street, we finally found the place for boarding. Taking the boat to the fish raft was such an exciting journey. Once we arrived, the lady would invite you right away to select the seafood, such as prawns, scallops, snappers and groupers etc. While you selected what you wanted, the server would help to pick the selected one and start cooking.



It would be quite cool to dine on the sea in winter due to the breeze. Assorted fish and tofu soup couldn’t be better. Around a dozen of fish was used and it made the soup taste so rich and sweet. Though it was just quickly cooked for around 20 mins, the color of the soup was so nice in white.


黃金墨魚,據說是這裡的招牌菜,當然要一試。上菜時真的有點詫異,墨魚在哪裡? 乾蒜都蓋過了墨魚,但夾起一條墨魚條,雪白得更驚奇。原來墨魚是只拆去墨汁囊,便整條放去炸,內裡便能保持嫩滑,為之一絕。

We were told that deep-fried cuttlefish was one of the signature dishes and a must-try. I was quite surprised when the dish was being served. Where was the cuttlefish? It was covered by lots of dried garlic but it didn’t taste any strong garlic flavour at all. It was so soft and fresh, and it looked snowy white inside. The secret of remaining its soft texture was that the chef put the whole cuttlefish to deep-fry after taking out the ink sac. How wonderful it is!



How fresh were the prawns and snapper? Take a look at the pictures and you would see the brightness of the color. They were so tender and sweet.

每隻彎身都有手指那麼長 :)
每隻彎身都有手指那麼長 🙂


The highlights fell onto the steamed tiger grouper and uni fried rice. The grouper weighted 2kg. The chef just used the simplest way to remain the original taste of the fish. Simplicity is the best, isn’t it?



Uni fried rice was another signature dish. The lady owner said it was not so cold this year and therefore the quality of the uni was quite good. The golden-color fried rice with plenty of uni was dry and warm. The rich flavour of the uni just made you want to eat a few bowls.



Lots of people would probably stop at seafood market and look for a suitable restaurant. However, the most original taste and freshness you can find would definitely at the fish rafts. It is worth to spend time to look for the best.


Address: Fumin Road, Nan’ao, Shenzhen

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