A minimoy loves food and sharing food
A minimoy loves food and sharing food

Holy Chef – Hidden Gourmet in Cheung Sha Wan

。Holy Chef – 長沙灣的隱世美食。

長沙灣區工廠林立,在舊區開一家有半開放式廚房,又像咖啡店的餐廳,自有其難處。但聽友人多次介紹,我也忍不住到長沙灣找一找Holy Chef。位置上真的不好找,旁邊一堆車房,差點便錯過了。店裡座位不多,便用懷舊的裝潢,例如小學的桌椅等,而且廚房半開放式,坐在吧檯又可清晰看著廚師作業,用餐感覺良好。

Cheung Sha Wan is one of the  industrial areas in Hong Kong. To set up a restaurant with semi-open kitchen and with the characteristics of cafe, the owner must have his passion and courage. I finally made a visit to Holy Chef in Cheung Sha Wan after hearing from friends for pretty long while. It was not easily to be found while you have to walk through some residential buildings and garages. Decoration was quite simple, down-to-earth and vintage.



We took a little while to understand and decide what we ate, so we ordered a Earl Grey Latte, which had strong Earl Grey Tea flavour and less coffee. Would be a great choice for coffee beginners.

Earl Grey Latte
Earl Grey Latte

小店之內有用心的廚師,為菜式帶來更多姿彩。這夜點了Black Mountain,即芝士蕃茄豬柳漢堡配木耳鮮奶海螺粉。賣相精美,以雪糕威化筒盛著海螺粉,別出心裁。而鮮奶汁非常香濃,配上清新的木耳便更對味。芝士蕃茄豬柳漢堡,芝士溶得很美,把蕃茄都覆蓋了,食下去也甚鬆軟。

The sincerity nad hard work of the chef brought lots of characteristics and colors to the dishes. Black Mountain, Cheese tomato & sausage burger with cat-ear milk gnocchi was a creative combination with interesting presentation. Have you even found gnocchi in a cone? The chef put the gnocchi in the cone and let it fall beautifully on the plate. The sauce was pretty rich and the fungus gave it some lightness. Cheese tomato sausage burger tasted not very special but the cheese melt beautifully on top of the tomato, which made it look very delicate.

Black Mountain - Cat-ear Milk Gnocchi
Black Mountain – Cat-ear Milk Gnocchi
Black Mountain - Cheese Tomato Sausage Burger
Black Mountain – Cheese Tomato Sausage Burger

意粉控在扁意粉和意大利飯之間選擇,當然就是選意粉 Black Grass了。是夜的菜式都和黑色有點關係,之前的海螺粉配上了木耳,而意粉則用上了墨魚汁,配上黑色海草和帶子,有點黑白配的感覺。意粉微硬,少許彈牙,份量十足,食下去蒜頭味非常香濃,但牛奶醬汁令其更易入口。

Black Grass was definitely a nice choice for pasta lovers. Squid ink pasta with black seaweed & scallop sashimi was very presentable. Perhaps you may find that the menu is related to Black. This pasta carried the same theme with squid ink and black seaweed, but the snow white scallop gave us a great contrast. Linguine was slightly harder than usual but I really liked this texture. Garlic flavour was very outstanding while the milk sauce gave good balance to it.

Black Grass
Black Grass


There were a few choice of dessert on the menu. Lemon Tart was one of those detailed and homemade dessert that was one of its kind. It was pretty different from the usual one since the texture was not as smooth as the others. However, the lemon flavour was so rich that you would like it from the first bite.

Lemon Tart
Lemon Tart


Once I saw Affogato on the menu, I couldn’t wait to order it. Pouring the espresso into the ice-cream and seeing the ice-cream melting was such a delightful moment.

Affogato - Espresso & Ice-Cream
Affogato – Espresso & Ice-Cream


It was worth to return while you found such hard work of good food here.


Holy Chef
Address: Shop 12, G/F, Cheong Fai Building, 401-405 Po On Road, Cheung Sha Wan
Opening Hours: Saturdays to Sundays 11:00-21:00

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