Prince Restaurant – Attractive Abalone Lunch Set

。王子飯店 – 超值又吸睛的吉品鮑魚午市套餐。


據知王子飯店踏入十一週年,仍在不斷創新,今次尖沙咀上班的友人們有福了。在1881的王子飯店(京川滬廚房) 推出了超值的吉品乾鮑午市套餐,陣容之強勁,真的不容忽視。先一說頭盤,京式煙燻素鵝、清酒煮鮑魚和五香金錢牛展,素鵝有淡淡的煙燻味,餡料爽口,清新之選。而清酒煮鮑魚份量十足,煮得恰到好處,清爽彈牙,金錢牛展則十分香濃。

Prince Restaurant will soon be celebrating its 11th anniversary and still remains its innovative style as ever. Friends who work in Tsim Sha Tsui are for sure the lucky ones! Prince Restaurant has launched a Special Abalone  Lunch Set with very reasonable price. The courses and the ingredients are all outstanding. For the starters, we had Smoked Vegetarian Rolls, Poached Fresh Abalone in Japanese Sake, and  Marinated Sliced Beef Shin.The smoked vegetarian rolls had a very thin layer of bean curd carrying the smoky flavour but also with crunchy vegetables inside that brought out its freshness. The poached fresh abalone in Japanese sake was cooked just perfect while the texture is soft and it tasted light & fresh.



Soup at Prince Restaurant is also known as in a high standard, especially its double-boiled almond and pig lung soup. The double-boiled Papaya Soup with Pearl Barley, Fig & Pork, which served in the lunch set, was a light choice for Spring and Summer. Fig was freshly sweet and the pearl barley was a bit sticky but made the soup sweeter.



Let’s get started with the main course. Deep-fried Chicken Wing stuffed with Goose Liver & Shrimps Mousse had a very attractive presentation while the chicken wing was bigger than the hands. The stuffing filled the chicken wing so full and pumped like a ball. Besides, the honey sauce with some black pepper added some excitement to it.



Lunch set also included Steamed Minced Pork Dumpling with Chili in Sichuan Style and Braised Noodles with 50 Head Dry Abalone & Goose Web. Pork dumpling is also what we called “Siu Long Bao”, but haven’t you ever tried one in Sichuan style? Though this one was not so spicy, the juice and meat was still pretty fresh. Do remember to eat it hot! Otherwise, you won’t taste the spiciness when it’s cool.



Brasied Noodles with 50 Head Dry Abalone & Goose Web was the highlight of the lunch set. Chef used 3 days to cook the abalone sauce with lots of ingredients. You would see how good the quality of the abalone is, when you cut the abalone. It was firmed and juicy, so as the goose web. The noodles absorbed all the sauce and it was so delicious. I wanted to order another bowl. If you are interested, don’t miss the chance. It costs $198 for weekdays and $268 for weekends.


Additional: Winter melon stuffed with shrimp mousse



王子飯店 (京川滬廚房)
Prince Restaurant (Beijing, Sichuan, Shanghai)
Address: Shop 209, 2/F, 1881 Heritage, 2A Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Opening Hours: Mondays to Sundays 11.00-23.00

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