A minimoy loves food and sharing food
A minimoy loves food and sharing food

彩豐樓 – 漳州美食初體驗

:Cai Feng Lou – First Try of Local Food in Zhangzhou:

新年之旅其中一站來到了漳州,地方陌生,所以事先安排了入住市內的漳州融信皇冠假日酒店。皇冠假日酒店集團一向都質素甚佳,乾淨整潔,這次也不例外。而酒店裡的中餐廳 – 彩豐樓更讓我們品嚐到漳州一些特色食物,例如漳州鹵面、米粿等,水準不錯。

During our CNY trip, one of our destination was Zhangzhou, a new location that we need to explore. We reserved rooms at Crowne Plaza Zhangzhou in advance and hoped for the best since IHG was a hotel group that you can trust with good quality of rooms and services. So lucky that we made the booking and it’s worth it. The Chinese restaurant Cei Feng Lou gave us a great experience of local food in Zhangzhou, such as Zhangzhou Lumian(soup noodles) and rice cakes, etc.



It was quite special while dining here. Server would bring your fruit, before your meal, to refresh your appetite. The small mandarin was surprisingly good and sweet.



For appetizer, we ordered Zhangzhou spicy pork rolls and the Annan fried rice cakes. Fried rice cakes were unforgettable since it was so soft and sticky inside but crispy out. The slightly salty and sticky texture was very impressive and would made you remember it. Spicy pork rolls were made with pork, celery and carrots. Crispy and salty too but not as good as the rice cakes.

漳州五香卷(左)和安南煎米粿 Spicy pork rolls (left) & fried rice cakes
Spicy pork rolls (left) & fried rice cakes


Besides, the Zhangzhou Lumian(soup noodles) was a must-try. The soup tasted light but had a thick body with the egg. There were lots of ingredients in the noodles, such as mushrooms, pork, shrimps, squid, leek, etc. The noodles was different from the rice noodles we usually used, a bit more chewy. You would feel easily full after having it.

漳州鹵面 Zhangzhou Soup Noodles
Zhangzhou Soup Noodles


Salted poast chicken was a famous dish in Guangdong and it’s also a signature dish at Cei Feng Lou. Chicken was baked with salt for 2 hours. The skin was salty but the meat was well remained smooth and thin. This boneless chicken pairing with mashed spring onions was a taste of heaven that you couldn’t imagine.

雲岩洞鹽雞 Salted Poast Chicken
Salted Poast Chicken

另一特色菜 五粮煮小象拔 賣相精美,以燭台保溫上菜,五粮包括了粟米、鷹嘴豆、紅腰豆、小麥米和南瓜,亦以南瓜入饌,象拔只是煮得剛熟,保持鮮甜彈牙,有別於在香港食到的刺身、白灼、火鍋的食法,這個食法更鮮更甜。

Another special dish, stewed 5 beans soup with geoduck, had a very nice presentation while serving with candle holder. 5 different types of beans, including corn, chickpeas, red beans, barley and pumpkin, were cooked in pumpkin soup.  The geoduck was just perfect and sweet, while the soup made it taste even fresher. A good try differed from the ways we had it in HK – sashimi, boiled or hotpot.

五粮煮小象拔  Stewed 5 beans with geoduck
Stewed 5 beans with geoduck


Last but not least, a photo of the room we stayed. The hotel was newly opened in 2014 and everything,i.e. the room and facilities, was still new and clean.



Cai Feng Lou 彩豐樓
Address: Level 1, Crowne Plaza Zhangzhou, 88 Shuixian Avenue Longwen District Zhangzhou, China

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