A minimoy loves food and sharing food
A minimoy loves food and sharing food

Sweet Button Desserts – Hidden gem for Dessert Lovers

。小糖鈕 – 甜品控的小天堂。

元朗,一個充滿不少驚喜美食的地方。在食過潮州菜的這個晚上,總是覺得少了點甜品,便來到了這家新甜品店 – 小糖鈕。小店還在試業階段,但9點已差不多滿座,甚至有人在門口等候。餐牌上大約有10款不同的選擇,其中兩款是拼盤,而為了一次試上大部分的甜點,有5款指定甜點和3款神秘甜點的大糖鈕特選搬盤便最適合不過,

Yuen Long is a place that we can find some surprsingly good food around you. After the Chiu Chow food dinner, I was still craving for desserts, so here I was at Sweet Button Desserts, a newly-opened dessert place. It was still at soft opening but crowds could be easily found after 9pm. There are around 10 choices of desserts on the menu, and we chose the Big Sweet Button Combo including 5 chef-choices and 3 secret desserts which were not listed on the menu.

美侖美奐的賣相,足以証明這是 必食之選。 你眼見在碟上的所帶東西都可以食, 當然, 除了那隻甜品匙。 那粒鈕扣也可以食? 鈕扣是以朱古力造的,當然可以食啊!拼盤上的5款廚師選擇分別是糖鈕漢堡, 香芒芭菲,伯爵茶奶凍, 冧酒香蕉慕絲和芝士蛋糕, 而3款神秘甜品全都沒放在餐牌上, 分別是焦糖布甸, 朱古力布朗尼蛋糕配朱古力芭菲,以及麵包布甸。

Very beautifully presented, the combo proved that it was a must-try. You can eat everything on the plate. (Ok, except the spoon!)  Even the button? Yes the buttons are chocolate. The chef’s choices were the signature Sweet Burger, Golden Tropical, Earl Grey Tea Panna Cotta, Banana Rum Mousse Mille-feuille and Cheese Cake, while the 3 secret choices were Creme Brûlée, Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Parfait and the Bread Pudding.

糖鈕漢堡 , 其實是以泡芙夾著菠蘿和朱古力芭菲。 可能是我把漢堡留列最後才食, 泡芙已變軟身了, 有一點失色。 但餡料的配搭卻十分適合, 菠蘿的清甜比想象中更配合朱古力的香濃。

The Sweet Burger was a puff with very rich chocolate parfait and pineapple. Puff was a bit too soft since I had put it to my final list. However the combination of pineapple and chocolate did surprise me with the sweetness. They matched really well.

香芒芭菲可道是整個拼盤上最討喜的一個, 其慕絲的質感十分香滑, 而且有粒粒芒果入饌, 口感更加清新, 甜味亦更突出。 有點可惜的是,這是個迷你版,但亦吸引我下次回來一試完整的版本。

Golden Tropical was actually mango parfait in a mousse texture. It was definitely my favourite one in the combo, not only because of its texture, but also it’s refreshing taste. It was made with some fresh diced mango, and the sweetness was so vivid. I may return for the big portion one.

  如果你在找一份清涼的口感, 那麼伯爵茶奶凍便是你的選擇。 奶凍上的紅色碎冰是西瓜碎冰,清甜的, 感覺像在食起沙的西瓜, 想著也十分清涼。 而中間有薄薄的一層薄荷啫喱, 加上了這一層,便更添清涼 , 相信你也想像得到。 If you are looking for something cold, the earl grey tea Panna Cotta may be a nice option for you. The Panna cotta was covered by mint watermelon granite and the mint made it taste even cooler than you can imagine. The watermelon granite bought a different sweetness to the dessert.

  大家對麵包布甸一定絕不陌生, 但這個麵包布甸卻會給你驚喜。 布甸的軟滑, 軟綿綿的口感, 少許的黏口是不會隨處找到的。 而當你一次過把雲尼拿醬汁和雪糕混在一起食 , 那個香醇的味道就像是在五星級酒店食到的麵包布甸。 據說廚師以前也是在五星級酒店裡工作的,相信這個布甸會為這裡增加一些粉絲。

The bread pudding perhaps would make no surprise to everyone, but this was one that impressed me with its high quality. The pudding was so tender and the vanilla ice cream and sauce bought it to another level. Combing everything and enjoying in one bite would probably be my best move of the night. It made me feel like I was enjoying it in a 5-star hotel.

朱古力控又怎會不寫朱古力布朗尼蛋糕呢?但這次,蛋糕卻變了配角, 朱古力芭菲的香濃把主角招到手了, 而表面的那些爆炸糖更加大了作用。 在口裡爆發的感覺實在有趣, 在濃濃的朱古力味中更走了出來,搶塊不少風頭。 最近好像越來越多甜品店也以爆炸糖入饌, 對嗎?

Last but not least, how could a chocolate lover miss this chocolate Brownie with parfait? The brownie became an supporting actor in this course, as the parfait was just so rich that made me only focus on it, so as the popping candy on top of it. Has popping candy become one of the favourite items used on dessert lately?

廚師的創意和 甜品的高質素絕對是讓我再來的原因, 希望下次可多試幾款餐牌上的其他選擇。

The creativity of the chef and the high quality of dessert would become the reasons for me to return very soon.  There are several items on the menu that I would love to try.


Sweet Button Desserts
Address: Shop 10, G/F, Ho Wang Building, 11 Yu Wing Path, Yuen Long

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