Babbo Trattoria – Insistence Made Everything Better

。Babbo Trattoria — 堅持,成就更好的。

二千年廣場自去年大裝修之後,開始有新食店加盟,Babbo Trattoria 便是其中一家比較特別的新進意大利餐廳。在台灣籍大廚帶領和堅持下,把窯燒的技術注入意大利菜中。餐廳從意大利入口的Grand Padaro 芝士,是以原裝尺碼入口,並與食客前刨出芝士,在網上更掀起一時熱話,話題十足,所以這裡的凱撒沙律絕對是必食之選。

Restaurants moved in to Plaza 2000 again in Q1, 2014 after renovation of the whole building. Babbo Trattoria is one of the Italian restaurants which 2 Taiwanese chefs bring the kilning technique  into Italian Cuisine. The Grand Padano cheese, which presents in full size and serves right in front of the guest, has created some discussions online. The Caesar salad becomes the item that you can’t miss here.  

lotttsss of cheese on the salad.


Besides, the pan-fried mushrooms and shrimps with pesto sauce would also be a nice appetizer option. The mushrooms have absorbed the sauce and the oil of the garlic that made them taste richer. If it still can’t fulfill your requirement, perhaps something simple may suit you. The roasted potatoes with rosemary was slightly salty while only rosemary and bit of salt were used. You can experience the most original flavor of the potatoes.


The mushrooms absorbed the sauce and the garlic oil. Tasted so good!


Not the simple roasted potatoes you find in the market.
Not the simple roasted potatoes you find in the market.


You can’t resist some carb as main in Italian cuisine, especially pizza and pasta. The pizzas at Babbo Trattoria are all freshly made and baked once you order, and Farina 00 flour is used for all pizzas and pastas. Forentina Pizza is one of the signature pizzas which contains lots of ingredients, such as spinach. ham, mozzarella cheese and egg. Egg was still soft when the pizza was served. Another signature pizza, mixed cheese pizza, was for sure the most interesting pizza with the richest flavor. It was served with honey. Why honey? It softens the saltiness of the cheese and gives a great balance to the pizza.

The Forentina Pizza with lots of ingredients.
The Forentina Pizza with lots of ingredients.


Let the honey do its magic.
Let the honey do its magic.

再試了幾道「重口味」的意粉,不是過分調味,而是那黑色的賣相真的很沈實。墨魚汁特製意粉,深邃的黑色,以新鮮及乾製墨魚,加上墨魚膽和點點辣椒炒香意粉,足料不可話下,那味蕾的刺激會讓你忍不住食多了。 而另一款廚師特色意粉,貌似卡邦尼意粉,卻加上了黑醋,那酸勁有提鮮的作用。

Here we go some nice pasta options, but be aware that they both have strong taste. The squid ink linguine was so dark! With squid ink mixed with a little bit of chili, the pasta was used fresh and dried squid to bring the taste to another level. You can’t resist to eat a few bit more. The other chef’s pasta looks so alike as Carbonara, but it is added black vinegar which brings an interesting layer and freshness to the pasta.

Don't be afraid to have a "black" mouth!
Don’t be afraid to have a “black” mouth!
The black vinegar was a highlight to the pasta
The black vinegar was a highlight to the pasta

少了點肉,對嗎? 窯烤菜式上,一道窯烤安格斯小牛排便更見師傅的功架。烤得恰到好處,肉裡仍呈粉紅色,食下去鬆軟又香甜,肉汁豐富,超水準之作。

How could we forget about meat? The grilled Angus steak  would present the experienced skill of the chef.  The beautiful pink colour of the steak showed the perfect cooking time and temperature. It was tender and juicy. Outstanding.


See the beautiful pink color of the steak
See the beautiful pink color of the steak


Every course has shown the insistence and hard work of the chef. Worth to return.


Babbo Trattoria
Address: 5/F, Plaza 2000, Russell Street, Causeway Bay
Opening Hours: Mondays to Sundays, 10:00-22:00

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