Private Party at Boundary Western Cuisine

。Boundary Western Cuisine – 細心安排的美食派對。

要找一個又寧靜又有出色美食的場地,來辦個私人派對,並不是易事。早陣子應友人邀請,來到Boundary Western Cuisine參與私人美食派對。已不是第一次光顧,但今次經友人介紹下,認識到總廚Angelo之前曾在多家著名餐廳工作,難怪食物在賣相及細緻度都比得上各大餐廳。是次派對的菜單是廚師悉心設計和安排,也花上了不少時間準備。

Looking for a nice venue for private party is sometimes quite a difficult task. Previously I was so lucky to be invited by a foodie friend to join her private party at Boundary Western Cuisine.  Chef Angelo was the former executive chef of Tasting Room and Glasshouse. He has tailor made the menu for the party and did lots of preparation with the team prior to our arrival.

Blue & Red is just like an artwork.
頭盤Blue & Red已像一件藝術品

每道菜的精心擺盤彷如美侖美奐的藝術品,兩道前菜已可見一斑。頭盤Blue & Red以龍蝦和意大利紅蝦組成,砌起來一半熟一全熟,食味也甚有層次。而蕃茄盒子上菜時非常精緻,內裡亦有乾坤,釀了粒粒豬耳和菇菌,甚有咬口,賣相與食味亦出眾。

Every dish was well presented like an artwork, especially the two appetisers. The ‘Blue & Red’ was formed by blue lobster and Italian red prawns. They were set one next to each other, according to the level they cooked. (Raw or well-done) You would enjoy it with different layers of taste. The other appetiser was beautifully presented like a tomato box, in which contains the mixture of mushrooms and pig ears. The crunchy texture would make you want to have another bite.


廚師亦相當有創意,Mix & Match食材做出菜式。例如在意大利飯混入了珊瑚蚌,增加彈牙的口感,是不錯的嘗試。
主菜和牛小牛排配薯蓉,紅酒燴牛尾,小妹真的沒想過兩道不同菜式合在一起,但它們真的相配,口感上截然不同,小牛排肉質軟滑,牛尾膠質甚重,真的佩服師傅的用心。 再者,另一主菜煙鴨胸二食,其中一邊配上青蘋果,感覺清新,一洗厚重感。

On the other hand, chef was so creative and innovative to try some new mix and match on the ingredients. The risotto was added with some clams when it was a bit rate since Hong Kohg people would usually stir-fry or steam it. However the chewy texture gave the risotto some more characteristics. Both main courses presented one ingredient in two ways. Grilled Wagyu tenderloin with stewed tail with red wine sauce gave us a soft and tender texture at the tenderloin while we also experieced the rich-of-collagen texture of the tail. Besides, the other main course, the smoked duck beast with green apple and caramelised apple, also presented a contrast of the flavour, one refreshing and one rich.



Dessert was handled by the lady chef instead of Angelo. The presentation and taste showed the freshness and youth of the chef, but also her creativity. Tofu pudding with black sugar syrup was so well presented like a painting. The pudding with back sugar syrup tasted simple and light. On the corner of the plate, brown sugar was also set just like a small highlight at the painting. It tasted extraordinary with the pudding and reminded me of some childhood memories. The Panna Cotta with fresh fruit was delicious. Some little details, such as the caramelised orange peel, made the Panna cotta even more tasty and showed much attentions of the chef.

忍不住要追加一個Panna Cotta
忍不住要追加一個Panna Cotta

With quiet ambiance and tailor-made items,  this is for sure a nice option for private party.


Boundary Western Cuisine
Address:  G/F, 54 Tung Choi Street, Prince Edward
Opening hours: Mondays to Sunday 11:30-22:00
(Please contact the restaurant for private party details)

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