A minimoy loves food and sharing food
A minimoy loves food and sharing food

G7 Private Dining – 再回來仍是精彩

。G7 Private Dining – Feel good to return。

在中環上班的日子,每有特別慶祝活動,總喜歡到G7用饍,靜靜的角落,卻有細心的服務,當然,還有美食。新增的午市套餐,有齊前菜、湯、主菜和甜品選擇。今次還有燒牛肉, 便更來得吸引。

G7 Private Dining is one of my favorite restaurants with quiet ambiance, sincere service, and of cos, the good food, when we have special occasions to celebrate. The new lunch menu with roasted beef as main course has been so attractive that we have booked a table without a thought.

Colorful Antipasti
Colorful Antipasti


Antipasti was similar to the one we had last time but some has been changed  to some seasonal items, Pomelo with Parma Ham, and Mixed Mushroom with Raspberry sauce. All three combination were refreshing and brought you feeling of Spring.

Pumpkin  soup: beautifully presented
Pumpkin soup: beautifully presented

Pumpkin soup was served in a small glass cup. The pumpkin was blended to a very smooth texture. No further seasoning was needed. You would only want to taste the most original flavour of the pumpkin.

the pink color of the roasted beef is adorable
the pink color of the roasted beef is adorable

Seabass pairing with red pepper..interesting combination
Seabass pairing with red pepper..interesting combination

I selected pan-fried sea bass between two main course options. The  sea bass was paired with mashed potatoes and red pepper. It was quite interesting to see it with red pepper as red pepper was usually quite strong in flavour. However it did a great job at giving a refreshing taste to the course. Roasted beef was also very presentatbale with its perfect medium rare pinky look. 

Love the texture of this Tiramisu
Love the texture of this Tiramisu

Dessert, tiramisu, was served right in front of you when the server brought whole plate to you. The texture was just perfect with enough moisture from the coffee. Love it!



This lunch costs no more than $200. It is really worth to try. 


G7 Private Dining
Address: 7 Glenearly, Central
Opening Hours: Mondays to Saturdays 11.30-14.30, 18.00-01.00


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