CIRQLE – Weekend BBQ Brunch

。CIRQLE – 週末出走之BBQ早午餐。

週末想來個小出走,當然首選南區。早前聽說Ovolo南岸酒店新設週末早午餐,用餐時間甚長,而且又有DJ配樂和特設的BBQ吧,新酒店新風格,便忍不住偷閒來到黃竹坑一試。幸而不但沒有失望,還有點小驚喜,原來設有西班牙Sangria 任飲,還有3款口味選擇(紅酒、白酒和玫瑰葡萄酒) ,而且更可選擇加配香檳。

Want to have a small escape from the busy life in weekends? I have also chosen to go to Southside and have a break. Heard that Ovolo Southsidr has launched weekend brunch in semi- buffet style, with DJ music, as well as outdoor BBQ bar. Trying out at a new hotel seems to be a good idea. Besides, after the visit, it brought me more surprise than I expected because of the free-flow Sangria, and additional champagne.

Sangria Station (it's free-flow!)
Sangria Station (it’s free-flow!)

Perrier - Jouet Champagne
Perrier – Jouet Champagne


Restaurant has divided into indoor and outdoor sections. Weather was not nice, so we decided to sit indoor at the high table and close to the salad bar. There were surprisingly more vegetarian options at salad bar, such as beetroot and grapefruit salad, pumpkin salad and tomato and mozzarella salad. My favourite one was the beetroot salad as the grapefruit made the sweetness of the beetroot more outstanding. How could we miss the seafood section? There were plenty of options to choose from, such as prawns and salmon, but I was so busy on the salad bar and forgot about the seafood.

Mozzarella and tomato salad
Mozzarella and tomato salad

Beetroot and grapefruit salad
Beetroot and grapefruit salad

Pumpkin salad
Pumpkin salad

You see the seafood!
You see the seafood!
餐廳室外設有BBQ 吧,廚師即場燒烤,多款串燒任君選擇,如雞肉、大蝦等,還配備了近10款醬汁,有辣有不辣,隨自己喜好配搭。而另一邊有即炸雞塊和墨西哥脆餅,大廚準備了自家調製的辛辣香料,有孜然、辣椒、黃薑等,香辣又帶麻。而且有自家醃菜,如醃青辣椒和蕃茄,讓味蕾來點刺激。

BBQ bar is located at outdoor area, while the chef does the BBQ right in front of you. There are a variety of different ingredients for BBQ, such as chicken wings, prawns, pork and sausages, and they all can be paired with around 10 different types of sauce. I do like the Spicy salsa and Chermoula sauce. 🙂  Another side was the nacho bar, which also serves the deep-fried chicken with home-made spice (including hot pepper, ginger etc.) , as well as home-made pickles (jalapeno and tomatoes.) .

Fresh and hot!

you name what you want !

Love the deep-fried chicken with home-made spice.

Ok, after all the aboves, I should start to introduce desserts, right? Then you may miss the hot main courses. Actually everyone can select one main course on the menu, such as mac’n’cheese, mini burgers, assorted vegetables tempura and baked cuttlefish. The tempura was one of my favorite, along with the cuttlefish. These all did pretty well  but you do have to think about your stomach.

Baked cuttlefish. Look for some bread or nachos to eat with!
Baked cuttlefish. Look for some bread or nachos to eat with!

This one is crispy and tasty!  - assorted vegetables tempura
This one is crispy and tasty! – assorted vegetables tempura


It is relatively less options at the desserts bar comparing to the BBQ bar and salad bar.  Chocolate tart, puffs and chocolate fondue are quite standard in a buffet. However the chocolate tart with pistachio paste was very tasty. With the bite size, it was a very nice ending for the buffet.

Pick what you want!
Pick what you want!

My favorite in the dessert section
My favorite in the dessert section

The variety of choice at the brunch showed the hard work and creativity of the chef. Hope to return with friends soon at our Southside escape.


Address: 4/F, Ovolo Southside, 64 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Aberdeen.
Opening Hours: Mondays to Sundays 12.00-15.00, 18.00-23.00

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