Big Fernand – French Burger tastes just right as in Paris

。Big Fernand – 把巴黎的味道帶來香港。

一陣漢堡熱潮並未隨時間退卻,世界各地的漢堡也來到香港這個美食天地佔一席位。這次在IFC Mall試到的Big Fernanrd, 從法國到港,引入了與巴黎總店相同的構思,以上等食材,牛肉、芝士、薯仔和麵包等,務求將法式漢堡引進香港。

Burger trend is still quite a hit in Hong Kong and branches of some overseas burger shops began to march in as well. Big Fernand at IFC mall brings the French style burger into Hong Kong and tries to remain the good quality of ingredients, such as imported beef, cheese and potatoes.

經典漢堡Le Big Fernanrd以澳洲進口牛肉為主,用料十足,牛肉肉汁豐富,而那Tomme de Savoie芝士溶化得剛好,很美味啊!麵包雖然不夠脆身,但卻剛好足夠承受肉汁,不致變得過軟。薯條和漢堡總是絕配,這裡的薯條每天鮮製,薯仔的香甜很突出,但亦因其新鮮,所以不會太脆身。大家要趁熱食,涼了便自然便軟了。

The classic Le Big Fernand is made with Australian graded pasture led beef, Tomme de Savoie cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and Tata Fernand (cocktail sauce). The beef was so juicy and was a great match with the melting cheese. Bread was not crispy enough but its thickness was just right to absorb the juice and not making it too soft. And you know, fries and burger are as always the perfect partners. The fries are freshly made  every day at the shop. It was very crispy and tasty when it’s served. Don’t wait it to cool down! Eat it right away when it’s served. It has to be that hot to keep it best taste!

Le Big Fernand
Le Big Fernand

另一款十分吸引的,便是有煙肉的Le Batholomé,它亦是店裡最暢銷的款式。大件的煙肉燒得香口,配上BBQ醬汁,非常惹味,難怪這麼受歡迎。

The other popular choice is Le Batholomé with the crispy bacon. With caramelised onions and chives, the beef was even much juicier than Le Big Fernanrd. It was served with BBQ sauce and cocktail sauce. You will experience two different texture and taste in it.

Le Batholome
Le Batholome


How could you miss the soft drink here? Owners imported the tailor-made lemonade from France in 3 different flavours, original, lemon and grapefruit. If you look closer to the name of the drink, you will find that every drink has its own meaning. See if you want to be wealthier, be loved , or run faster? Very interesting idea!

The Elixirs of Archibald Fernard (Traditional French Lemonade)
The Elixirs of Archibald Fernand (Traditional French Lemonade)


Big Fernand Hong Kong
Address: Shop 2017, IFC Mall, Central
Opening Hours: Mondays to Sundays 11.00-22.00

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