A minimoy loves food and sharing food
A minimoy loves food and sharing food

Catalunya – Find your Perfect Egg in Summer Tasting Menu

Catalunya – 在這夏天尋找那完美的蛋

在香港眾多西班牙餐廳裡,Catalunya 快將步入兩週年,推出了精選菜單,確實有讓人期待之處。是次菜單包括10道菜,賣相精美,貫徹Catalunya 的水準。
Catalunya has launched their summer tasting menu while it is getting closer to their 2nd anniversary. To be one of the best Spanish restaurants in Hong Kong, the tasting menu is really being looked forward to.

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48-month Iberico
L1050130a - Copy
Pa amb Tomaquet (Tomato on bread)

以黑毛豬火腿 Jamón Ibérico “Gran Reserva” 打頭陣,其油份和鹹香讓你不禁食完一片又一片,而蕃茄吐司Pa Amb Tomàquet有點香脆,其酸度醒胃,好讓你為之後的菜作好準備。

Jamón Ibérico “Gran Reserva” and Pa Amb Tomàquet, as starter, have began the dinner with great contrast and got you ready for the following courses. The Ibérico ham was rich with oil but at its perfect saltiness. The tomato toast was crispy and its sourness just refreshed the saltiness from the ham.

Beautiful presentation
Beautiful presentation
Toro Ham - the unusual presentation makes the dining become more interesting
Toro Ham – the unusual presentation makes the dining become more interesting


Oyster with sherry & tarragon vinegar & olive oil caviar has been presented in an oyster-shaped plate. When you poured the oyster and the caviar into the mouth, the caviar exploded and the flavour all mixed perfectly. Toro Ham was served with bread stick and pine nuts. The oil of toro has beautifully indicated its smoothness. You may roll it onto the bread and enjoy it, whereas it gave you contrast of texture.

Tomato Velvet with Lobster and Watermelon
Tomato Velvet with Lobster and Watermelon
Smoked Scampi - you would be surprised when you open it.
Smoked Scampi – you would be surprised when you open it.

西班牙菜除了味道的重要,其賣相也比較考究。蕃茄濃湯配上龍蝦及西瓜,一片鮮艷的紅色,煞是美麗。特別喜歡蕃茄的我偏好這個味道上的配搭,蕃茄沒有帶酸,反而有微微的青草味,清新可人,而西瓜的微甜讓龍蝦的鮮味更突出了。 另一道吸引的菜式便是煙燻大蝦,侍者將樽子帶到你面前才打開,那開蓋的一剎那,煙燻的味道很強烈,食下去卻不強烈。

Tomato velvet with lobster and watermelon has well presented that presentation of the ingredient is essential to Spanish cuisine. The red color of the entire dish has given you a strong visual effect. The tomato wasn’t sour at all but with light green flavour. Meanwhile, the light sweetness of the watermelon has made the freshness of the lobster even more outstanding. Besides, Smoked Scampi has made another example. Server brought the glass jar, which contained the smoked scampi, and opened it in front of you to release the smoke. Impressive!

The Perfect Egg
The Perfect Egg


The perfect egg can’t be even more perfect. Egg white made sea urchin and caviar be the main character and let them shine. The different layers of flavour were divided and left you a great impression on the taste and presentation.

Scallop "Empanadilla" with black garlic cream
Scallop “Empanadilla” with black garlic cream
Lamb Terrine with Dried Fruit Praline
Lamb Terrine with Dried Fruit Praline


Last two main courses, Scallop “Empanadilla” with black garlic cream and Lame Terrine with dried fruit parline, somehow didn’t leave a strong impression to me comparing to other main courses. Scallop “Empanadilla” contained some foie gras with black garlic cream at the bottom. Though the presentation was quite interesting, the black garlic cream wasn’t able to balance it overall.


Double Chocolate
Double Chocolate

主菜結束後,甜品分成了兩部分,先有Sangria一清味蕾,在雞尾酒杯中放了雪葩,然後再把Sangria倒進,那微酸的味道將之前的鹹味洗去,好好迎接真正的甜品 – 朱古力雙食。以兩款不同質感的朱古力組成,那朱古力慕絲溶化的感覺著實令朱古力愛好者著迷!

Pre-dessert, Sangria, was served in a cocktail glass with sorbet. It refreshed the appetite before the dessert was served. Dessert, double chocolate, was rich and delicious. By providing two different textures of chocolate, the dessert could fulfill a chocoholic’s wish – Chocolate mousse that melt into silk in your mouth!



Address: G/F, Guardian House, Morrison Hill, 32 Oi Kwan Road, Wanchai
Opening Hours: (Dinner) Mondays to Sundays 12:00 – 23:00

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