A minimoy loves food and sharing food
A minimoy loves food and sharing food

Hotel Sav – Summer Blossom Tea Set

。逸‧酒店 – 仲夏花語下午茶。

早前感謝邀請,來到了紅磡的Hotel Sav 一試新推出的「仲夏花語下午茶」。原來酒店開業未足半年,但自助餐也甚受歡迎,而今次也推出下午茶,希望為區內帶來新景象。 酒店型格又新穎,而且以七色為主體,今次的下午茶賣相也相當精美,以屋子盛著各式美點,也有蝴蝶裝飾,切合主題。

Hotel Sav has launched their “Summer Blossom Tea Set” and I was so glad to be invited for tasting. The hotel has opened since February and the buffet was pretty well-known already. The new afternoon tea set perhaps would give another option to the residents around the area. Chic and modern is all I would use to describe the hotel, which also brings out the concept of seven colors. It also reflects on the tea set which was beautifully presented in a white house with butterflies.



3 out of 4 savory items are with bread, such as the homemade Iberico BBQ pork sandwich, goose liver mousse on Brioche and mini burger with Angus beef. Taste was just average. The smoked salmon on cucumber was quite refreshing.


甜點則有5種,較有特色。迷你水泡餅配士多啤梨,將水泡餅包裹在朱古力內,並夾上士多啤梨,像棒棒糖一樣,食起來也甚香脆。而芝士餅用上抗氧化巴西莓入饌,據說是已磨成粉加入蛋糕中,是師傅特別選用的。 法式小圓餅、朱古力榛子卷和富士蘋果和果子也相對下有點遜色。

Sweet/dessert items are always girl’s favorite. And the 5 items here are more interesting than the savory items. For instance, mini babas with strawberry were displayed at lollipop and were quite crispy and interesting. Cheese cake with Acai berry was specially recommended since chef has added the acai berry powder in the cheesecake for some beauty proposes. (You know, acai berry is a good antioxidant agent.)



Overall the taste and texture still need to be improved. Perhaps adding some scones may be good for portion.  (Additional sneak peek on the color cocktails! They taste quite nice while all items contain fresh fruit.)

What a colorful collection of cocktails!
What a colorful collection of cocktails!


Hotel Sav
Address: 83 Wuhu Street, Hunghom

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