A minimoy loves food and sharing food
A minimoy loves food and sharing food

Recipe – Steamed Seafood with Seasonal Vegetables

。食譜 — 清蒸海鮮配夏日時令蔬菜。

自家裡添置了Bosch 蒸爐以後,菜式煮得更原汁原味,蒸爐保存了食材的水分和營養,食味亦更鮮甜。這次在菜市場看到新鮮夏令蔬菜市場 —冬瓜和夜香花,便連同竹節蝦和大蜆一起買下,回家來一道夏日盛宴。

Since Bosch steam oven has arrived at home, cooking becomes more interesting and I now understand the advantages of steam oven being well kept the moisture and nutrition of the food. So here we have this summer feast with steamed shrimps and clams with seasonal vegetables, tuberoses and wintermelon.



竹節蝦           1斤
大蜆               1斤
冬瓜               1斤
夜香花           2両

Ingredients: (2 pax)
Shrimp                  0.5kg
Clams                    0.5kg
Winter melon      0.5kg
Tuberose              100g



1.  先將竹節蝦洗淨,剪去蝦鬚
2.  大蜆放鹽水浸,水剛好蓋過蜆便成,以讓蜆又充足空間吐沙
3.  夜香花和冬瓜洗淨,冬瓜去囊備用
4.  將竹節蝦和大蜆放在第二層,以有孔的蒸盤盛著
5.  下層放上冬瓜和夜香花
6.  以100度蒸18分鐘,但海鮮在預熱後才放入蒸爐。

1. Clean the shrimps and cut the antenna
2. Use salty water to soak the clams. Water should just cover the clams.
3. Wash the tuberoses and wintermelon.
4. Put shrimps and clams in the tray with holes and put into 2nd level.
5. Put the wintermelon and tuberoses in the tray underneath.
6. Steam at 100 degrees for 18 mins (Seafood only be put into the steam oven when preheat is done)







Using the tray with holes to keep the seafood would help the vegetables absorb well the juice of seafood. It is the advantage of steam oven that different ingredients can be put in the same oven to cook.


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