A minimoy loves food and sharing food
A minimoy loves food and sharing food

Recipe – Crab and Mushroom Kama



Vermicular oven pot round has launched in Hong Kong in August and I couldn’t help to try it with some new recipes. Not only do I want to find out the difference and similarity of it and LC pot, but I also want to experience the thermo technology. Let’s begin with Crab and Mushroom Kama!


蟹箝             2隻
本菇             100克
珍珠米         1杯
水                 1杯
豉油             2茶匙
味醂             2茶匙

Crab chelipeds      2 pcs
Mushroom             100g
Japanese rice         1 cup
Water                       1 cup
Soy sauce                 2 teaspoons
Mirin                        2 teaspoons


1. 將米洗淨,加水煲滾
2. 滾起立即調至中細火,
3. 放入蟹箝及本菇
4. 以中細火慢煮好20分鐘
5. 加入豉油及味醂拌勻,再煮2分鐘即可

1. Wash the rice and boil it with high heat
2. Once it is boiled, turn to low to medium heat
3. Put the crab and mushroom on the rice
4.  Cook with low to medium heat for 20 minutes
5. Mix the rice with soy sauce and mirin, and cook for 2 more minutes


1. 重量:V鍋稍重
2. 鎖水能力:V鍋較佳
3. 熱力:V鍋升溫很快,如不及時調節火候,便很快會焦;LC鍋在這方面比較好。
4. 外型:V鍋的粉嫩色系十分吸引,而LC鍋的鮮美色系,各有千秋。

Comparison of Vermicular pot and Le Creuset pot:
1. Weight: Vermicular one is heavier
2. Thermo technique: Vermicular seems better at similar size pot compared
3. Heat: Vermicular one turns hot quickly and may not be easily to be realised it’s boiling. Le Creuset releases a little bit of hot air at the edge and you would easily be aware of the heat.
4. Outlook: I can’t decide which is more attractive, the pastel color of Vermicular pot or the bright color of Le Creuset pot. 😛



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