Recipe – Steamed Spicy Pork & Egg Bento

。食譜 - 元氣雞蛋豬肉便當。

繼上次的蔬菜便當,又再推介一道快速完成的便當給大家,就是有點少香辣的元氣雞蛋豬肉便當。用上Bosch 蒸爐 將所有食材同時間蒸,過程就只是25分鐘,所有材料熟透,水分也保存的很好。

Besides the veggie bento I posted last time, let me introduce another quick bento recipe to you, steamed spicy pork and egg bento, which you can complete in 25 mins with a steam oven.


豬肉        100克
雞蛋        1隻
青瓜        30克(切條)
紅蘿蔔    30克(切條)
白米        1/2杯
水            1/2杯
辣椒        1隻

Pork        100g
Egg          1pc
Cucumber      30g (sliced)
Carrot             30g (sliced)
Rice                 1/2 cup
Water              1/2 cup
Chilli                1pc

糖            1/2茶匙
鹽            1/2 茶匙
生粉        1茶匙
豉油        1/2湯匙
麻油        1茶匙
辣椒油    1/4茶匙

Seasoning for pork:
Sugar      1/2 teaspoons
Salt          1/2 teaspoons
Corn starch   1 teaspoons
Soy sauce       1/2 tablespoons
Sesame oil      1 teaspoon
Chilli oil          1/4 teaspoons

1. 先將豬肉用以上醃料醃好,放10分鐘入味。如怕辣者,可減免辣椒油。
2. 將青瓜條和紅蘿蔔條以滾水勺30秒,以保持其爽口。
3. 將白米和水注入餐盒
4. 將醃好的豬肉放到碟上,和雞蛋一起
5. 將 (3) 和餐盒並排放在蒸盤上,置於爐中的中層
6. 以100度蒸25分鐘即可
7. 將豬肉和蛋盛進餐盒前,先將雞蛋去殼切開兩邊,並將辣椒切粒灑上豬肉表面

1. Prepare the pork with the seasoning mentioned above. If you don’t like spicy food, you may skip the chilli oil.
2. Boil the sliced cucumber and carrot for 30 seconds to keep its crispiness.
3. Put the rice and water into lunchbox.
4. Put the pork and egg on a plate.
5. Plate and lunchbox to be placed in the tray and put into the middle level of the steam oven
6. Steam with 100 degrees for 25 minutes
7. While putting the pork and egg into the lunchbox, cut the egg into half and sprinkle the chilli onto the pork.



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