A minimoy loves food and sharing food
A minimoy loves food and sharing food

Recipe – Steamed cocoa and brown sugar cake

。食譜 —可可黑糖蒸蛋糕。


Craving for something sweet but not buttery and not traditional, so here we have this steamed cocoa and brown sugar cake. I have used brown sugar instead of caster sugar. Preparation is quick with 6 types of ingredients only. Cooking time is just 30 minutes which you can always prepare it for yourself in a busy day.


-自發粉       80克
- 牛奶          80克
- 可可粉      10克(如喜歡濃一點,可加至15克)
- 黑糖粉      50克
- 雞蛋          1隻
- 橄欖油      2茶匙

Ingredients (for 2 pcs)
– Self-raising flavour      80g
– Milk                                 80g
– Cocoa Powder                10g (If you like it richer, you may try 15g. )
– Brown sugar powder    50g
– Egg                                   1pc
– Olive Oil                          2 teaspoons


1. 先將自發粉和可可粉篩好備用
2. 在另一個碗中,用電動攪拌機將蛋加入黑糖打勻,至所有糖溶化
3. 加入鮮奶打勻
4. 加入橄欖油輕打幾下
5. 將蛋的混合物加入自發粉中拌勻至無粗粒狀
6. 將拌好的粉漿倒入碗中,至半滿即可
7. 將碗放上蒸盤
8. 置於蒸爐的中層
9. 以100度蒸20分鐘即可


1. Sift the self-raising flour and cocoa powder and put aside.
2. Use another bowl to whisk the egg and brown sugar till all sugar melt.
3. Pour in the milk once the sugar is ready.
4. Add the olive oil into the milk mixture and lightly stir it.
5. While the egg mixture is ready, pour it into the flour and cocoa powder mixture.
6. Stir the mixture well to silky texture.
7. Then pour it into the bowls to half full.
8. Place the bowls on trays and put in the steam oven.
9. Steam with 100 degrees for 20 minutes.

Small touch: If you love rich chocolate flavour, add some chocolate chips in the mixture before putting into the steam oven. When you cut the cakes, you would find the melting chocolate chips which tastes much richer and delicious.

Whisk the egg and pour the brown sugar in
Whisk the egg and pour the brown sugar in
See all the sugar melt
See all the sugar melt
Sift well!
Sift well!
Stir to a silky texture
Stir to a silky texture
Don't pour it too full
Don’t pour it too full
Put in the middle level
Put in the middle level
Dada~~ 20 mins and its done!
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