A minimoy loves food and sharing food
A minimoy loves food and sharing food

DK Cuppa Tea – Take you onto the Journey to the Wonderland

。DK Cuppa Tea – 給予希望和想象的仙境下午茶。

下午的時光就是要輕輕鬆鬆的度過,女生更是多了一個可以去下午茶的理由,美倫美奐的tea set便更成為女士的專利。這次和一眾女友人一齊來到DK Cuppa Tea 一試全新推出的「夢幻仙境之旅」下午茶,挺夢幻的造型,鹹甜點各有特色。

Afternoon tea set seems to be a symbol of part of the relaxing life for all ladies. Spending a nice afternoon with some girl friends at DK Cuppa Tea to try this “Journey to the Wonderland” afternoon tea set is like a dream journey with some special drinks and food.

"Journey to the Wonderland"
“Journey to the Wonderland”

在介紹食物之前,了解一下這個tea set 背後的意義,你便會一一明白店主的心意。店主將tea set分為Drink Me, Eat Me, Magic Bell (魔法咒語)和魔法卡4個範疇。先從Magic Bell說起, 客人可以選上屬於自己的魔法咒語,這次我選到的是Luck (運氣),小咒語會放在tea set的中間,然後加到松露芝士蘑菇火鍋上,以火槍燒溶了便可以食,沾上松露芝士的海鮮和馬鈴薯都很美味啊。

Before introducing the food, a little background information of the tea set may help you understand the meaning of the setup of it. The restaurant owner designs this tea set, according to the background of the story “Alice in the Wonderland”, to give an opportunity for guests to take themselves onto a journey to their dreams and wonderland. The tea set has included 4 different sections which are Drink Me, Eat Me, Magic Bell and Magic Cards. Let’s begin with the magic bell which you can pick a magic card from the server and it represents the thing you want in mind. I have picked “Luck” for the day. It is set in the middle of the tea set and you would need to drop it to the cheese fondue and burn it. (Oh yes, burn it!) Then you can enjoy the seafood and potatoes by dipping them into the truffle cheese and mushroom fondue.

Burn your Magic Spell to the fondue
Burn your Magic Spell to the fondue

甜點方面有Eat Me系列,杯子蛋糕、葉子糖霜曲奇、兔子馬卡龍等,是相當精彩的配搭,每每見到店家加入不少童話故事—愛麗絲夢遊仙境的元素,例如紅薔薇朱古力,正正提醒著紅心皇后的存在嗎?

Eat Me series represents the dessert in the tea set. The cupcake, butter cookies and rabbit macarons are all matched with the theme of “Alice in the Wonderland”, so as the rose and raspberry chocolate. Do you remember the Queen of Hearts?



解說完Eat Me,又怎少了Drink Me呢? 一杯Drink Me 蝶豆花茶,藍色的調子已很漂亮,加入了蘋果糖,便起了魔法般的變色作用,變了雙層的顏色,一紫一藍,必定得到不少女生的喜愛。

What about Drink Me? The Asian Pigeonwings tea with beautiful blue color makes its magic after adding the apple syrup. It turns into 2 layers of color with purple and blue there. It would definitely be the love of all girls, wouldn’t it?

"Drink Me" Tea with beautiful layers of colors
“Drink Me” Tea with beautiful layers of colors


Last but not least, the owner has created some magic cards for all the guests who have had the tea set. With the special meaning and the kind thought of the owner, the cards are just another delight of the tea set. Don’t forget to bring it home!


DK Cuppa Tea
Central Branch:
Address: 16A Staunton Street, Soho, Central
Opening Hours: 11:00am-10:00ppm

Sheung Wan Branch:
Address: 29 New Market Street, Sheung Wan
Opening Hours: 11:30am-8:30pm

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