CNY Special – Sweet Potato CNY Pudding



Always find myself overwhelmed with different types of CNY puddings. It is difficult to eat healthily during CNY with all sort of puddings and deep-fried festive food. So here we have this Sweet Potato CNY pudding with a healthy option.

Photo by KC Koo (
Photo by KC Koo (


- 水 400ml
- 黑糖 100g
- 紫薯蓉 100g
- 木薯粉 120g
- 紫薯粉 30g
- 糯米粉 40g
- 馬蹄粉 20g   

– Water                          400ml
– Dark brown sugar      100g
– Mashed sweet potato 100g
– Tapioca                        120g
– Sweet purple potato powder 30g
– Glutinous flour               40g
– Chestnut flour                20g



  1. 蒸模先塗油,並在底部灑上少許食用金箔
  2. 將黑糖以熱水煮溶,放涼備用
  3. 把木薯粉、糯米粉、馬蹄粉和紫薯粉過篩,放在攪拌盆中備用
  4. 開動廚師機並調至慢速,緩緩倒入黑糖糖水,至粉漿完全沒有粉粒
  5. 加入紫薯蓉輕輕拌勻
  6. 將粉漿倒入蒸模,放入蒸爐以100度50分鐘即可


  1. Brush some oil onto the container and sprinkle eatable gold leaves at the bottom
  2. Melt the dark brown sugar with 400ml boiled water and set aside
  3. Swift tapioca, glutinous flour, chestnut flour and sweet purple potato powder to a mixing bowl
  4. Turn on the electronic mixer to a slow speed to mix the flour.  Then slowly pour the dark brown sugar syrup in.
  5. Add the mashed sweet potato to the bowl and slightly stir a few times
  6. Pour the mixture to the container and steam for 50 minutes at 100 degrees Celsius.


Gloria ...action (Photo by KC Koo,
Gloria …action
(Photo by KC Koo,
Pour everything into the mixer (Photo by KC Koo,
Pour everything into the mixer
(Photo by KC Koo,


A steam oven always makes everything easier
A steam oven always makes everything easier – Bosch


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