A minimoy loves food and sharing food
A minimoy loves food and sharing food

Urban Coffee Roaster – A Perfect Surprise

。Urban Coffee Roaster – 咖啡店中找美食。

一直在尖沙咀一帶多有流連,而且更喜歡找個地方寫東西,所以可以待得久的咖啡店一直是首選。而Urban Coffee Roaster 更是比一般咖啡店提供更有水準的食物,每星期更改的餐牌,總是會帶來驚喜。

Tsim Sha Tsui is always the most convenient location since it’s in the middle of Kowloon and Hong Kong side. Looking for a quiet place with good food and coffee is quite a challenge for me, since cafe can be quite crowded in TST. Urban Coffee Roaster(named “UCR” below) is somehow a perfect surprise when I looked for a new place to spend my afternoon. With good food and menu regularly changed,  it is a place that always brings you surprise.

Flat White
Flat White

咖啡店又怎少得一杯好咖啡?自家工場炒豆,每款咖啡豆均有其不同產地和組合,店裡的牆上都會寫上當天有的咖啡豆,可以soft brew,又可以飲易入口的flat white,latte。

A nice cup of coffee can also make my day. With own recipes and roasters, UCR provides its own combination of coffee beans and you can find the availability on the wall. Feel free to choose the most suitable one for yourself, soft brew, flat white or latte?


食物上,除了大眾口味的all-day breakfast,還有特色的火腿芝士焗多士,厚厚的多士焗得非常香脆,加上香口的火腿和芝士,一脆一軟的組合,是早餐和下午茶的不錯選擇。

Why would I say that food here is a perfect surprise? Except from the all-day breakfast, the roasted ham & cheese toast is one of my favourite items on the menu. The crunchy and salty ham and cheese give another texture to the crispy toast. It’s a really good choice for breakfast and lunch.



Lasagna is quite different from those you try outside. The main character of this lasagna is actually the beef. The cheese is much less than the usual one. All you can taste is the flavour of the beef.

Can you believe that you find this crispy roasted pork belly in a cafe?
Can you believe that you find this crispy suckling pig in a cafe?


If you want to have something more luxurious and richer, the chef recommendation is always the item you are looking for. This suckling pig with roasted assorted vegetables is surely a piece of heaven. The crispiness of the skin and the juiciness of the meat perfectly match, while the roasted vegetables bring you freshness. Hope you are lucky enough to try this suckling pig at UCR.

Soft Brew
Soft Brew


Shop 44, G/F, Mirador Mansion, 7 Bristol Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui
Opening Hours: Mondays to Sundays 08:00-22:00



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